The Twilight Zone

Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Feb 21, 1963 on CBS

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  • A man, who is a geek and very quiet, finds some solitude in a museum at lunch, stumbles across an unusual dollhouse that has a small, pretty doll that comes alive only in front of him.

    This, I consider, as the top 5 BEST Twilight Zone episodes I have ever seen. What makes this episode so good is its sad story of a quiet, kind of square guy who doesnt get along with anybody (not really his fault) and basically sticks to himself. He is trapped in a job that he really doesnt like. His co-workers dont like him. His boss wants to fire him and he is getting sufficated at home by his over protective mom who spoils him and treats him like a child. He has no life, no future, no girlfriend. Just a poor, lonely man, misunderstood. The acting is fantastic and very beliveable. The script and storyline are terrific and all the characters are well rounded. We feel the man's pain and anguish throughout the hour episode. What makes me really like this episode is that it is something that many people go through in real life. Not as far as the doll coming alive, but we all are trapped in our own cages and some people would love to find another way out. One way is to believe that another world exists. We all sort of find our own private world to retreat to. Some more productive than others. We all kind of wish we could go to that special make up world we dream about where everything will be perfect forever. Unfortunately for us, it never happens BUT for the man, Charley, he finds his perfect world at the end. Great episode!
  • Miniature is my favorite of the 60 minute TZ episodes that I have seen.

    Miniature tells the story of a lonely man who doesn\'t quite fit in with his office buddies, lives at home with his mother, and can\'t find a woman that will have him.
    He begins to eat lunch in the museum where he falls in love with a miniature doll. The lonely man then becomes comes convinced that a gentlemen caller that the woman keeps having is going to do her harm.

    His family realizes he has gone mad, and they put him in a hospital.
    When he is discharged he runs away to the museum to be with the doll.
    His family searches for him.
    He isn\'t found, however the miniature doll now has a male companion, the lonely man.

    Great story.
  • This episode has everything I love about the Twilight Zone: sadness, creepiness, and magic. Great acting by Robert Duvall...

    This episode kind of reminded my of the short story "The Overcoat" by Nikolai Gogol. As the audience, I sympathize with the protagonist and it feels like his pains are my pains. At the same time he is undeniably strange and disturbed. I've been a huge fan of the show for some time but I'd never seen this episode until recently!

    I love the music to this episode also. I think the violin parts to the Twilight Zone theme (and the variations) are so creepy. The music just adds to the eeriness. I don't want to give the plot away, but I definitely recommend seeing this one!
  • Probably the best one ever.

    What can I say? This episode is without a doubt one of the top two, tied with One for the Angels. I love the absolute sweetness of the love story. The type of love is reminiscent of Wall-E and other wordless love stories. Charlie is one of those guys who is just the perfect hero for a story like this. The mentions of his incarceration are just heartbreaking. Even my mom, no fan of the show, adores the episode. This is the one episode that you need to see over and over again, just to soak in all of the greatness.
  • On his break from work a man named Charley Parks goes to a nearby museum to have lunch in the museum's cafeteria. When he finds the cafeteria closed for renovations he wanders into the museum and finds a dollhouse. Looking into it, he sees a doll and...

    As the other review for this episode pointed out, this could very well be the best episode of the fourth season of "The Twilight Zone." This is one episode where the one hour running time does not have a negative effect. I believe it would not have been as effective if it were thirty minutes in length. Robert Duvall is excellent as Charley Parks. He alone is reason enough to see this episode. The scenes where he is talking to the doll (apparently named Alice) are very well done. The viewer can almost feel his emotions for her. Great episode.