The Twilight Zone

Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Feb 21, 1963 on CBS

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  • A man, who is a geek and very quiet, finds some solitude in a museum at lunch, stumbles across an unusual dollhouse that has a small, pretty doll that comes alive only in front of him.

    This, I consider, as the top 5 BEST Twilight Zone episodes I have ever seen. What makes this episode so good is its sad story of a quiet, kind of square guy who doesnt get along with anybody (not really his fault) and basically sticks to himself. He is trapped in a job that he really doesnt like. His co-workers dont like him. His boss wants to fire him and he is getting sufficated at home by his over protective mom who spoils him and treats him like a child. He has no life, no future, no girlfriend. Just a poor, lonely man, misunderstood. The acting is fantastic and very beliveable. The script and storyline are terrific and all the characters are well rounded. We feel the man's pain and anguish throughout the hour episode. What makes me really like this episode is that it is something that many people go through in real life. Not as far as the doll coming alive, but we all are trapped in our own cages and some people would love to find another way out. One way is to believe that another world exists. We all sort of find our own private world to retreat to. Some more productive than others. We all kind of wish we could go to that special make up world we dream about where everything will be perfect forever. Unfortunately for us, it never happens BUT for the man, Charley, he finds his perfect world at the end. Great episode!