The Twilight Zone

Season 5 Episode 32

Mr. Garrity and the Graves

Aired Unknown May 08, 1964 on CBS

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  • A con artist arrives in a small town where the naive residents pay him to bring their deceased family members back from the grave.

    The superb "Mr. Garrity and the Graves" is a perfect example of the brilliance of the Twilight Zone and the genius that was Rod Serling. John Dehner is one of my favorite Twilight Zone actors, and he is great in this episode. A con artist named Garrity arrives in an old western town and claims he can raise the dead. Mr. Garrity offers the townspeople a chance to bring their loved ones back to life for a price, ofcourse. The clever Garrity uses illusions to deceive the townsfolk, but not only is he deceiving the unsuspecting residents of Happy, Arizona, in the end it appears he is also deceiving himself.
  • Claiming to be able to raise the dead, a stranger in an olde West Arizona town has everyone on edge waiting for midnight, when the dead from Boothill Cemetery will leave their graves to rejoin family and friends who claim to miss them. Or do they?

    Despite this episode debuting in the final season of The Twilight Zone, it is fresh, original and evidences the high standards that Mr. Serling kept during the long run of TZ. The atmosphere and story could have been a classic from the first season, yet appeared late in the last season.

    Granted, Mr. Serling had his battles with the network over filming some shows on video tape and then there were the hour-long episodes which Rod felt were too long, and needed padding to fill the 60 minutes. So, things were not always well during the 5 season run of The Twilight Zone, but when allowed to run episodes his own way the difference in feel, quality and plot were elevated.

    Mr. Garrity And The Graves is a perfect example. While some televison series complain of running out of ideas after a few years, Mr. Serling continued to serve-up for the viewer thought (and fear) provoking images, which always carried a lesson to be learned ... from The Twilight Zone.

    Great episode. I believe one of the best and containing all the great Serling elements.

    As for the brother of the bartender vanishing right in sight of the townspeople (despite Mr. Garrity having no magical powers), well, I interpret that as the television viewer being allowed to see and feel what the townspeople thought they saw...a man disappearing in the fog at night.

    Then turns out to be that Mr. Garrity did, indeed, have powers.

    Take Care, TZ Fans.