The Twilight Zone

Season 2 Episode 7

Nick of Time

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 1960 on CBS

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  • A young couple enters a local diner for lunch. They are fascinated by a small fortune telling toy at their table. Only every answer seems to fit their questions exactly.

    The episode begins with a young couple dropping off thier broken down car at a repair shop. The man says it will take a few hours so, they decide to eat at a local diner.

    While at the diner, the young man is wondering whether he got a promotion at his job. His wife notices the fortune-telling machine at their table and playfully tells him to ask the machine if he got the promotion. The fortune reads: It has been decided in your favor.

    Unconvinced, the man calls his work, only to find out that he has indeed been promoted! They celebrate by asking the little machine a few more questions.

    However, they are growing ever more superstitious, when the their questions are being answered very precisely.

    The young man asks when would be a good time to leave. He asks if three o'clock would be a good time, since a few other answers suggested otherwise. Satisfied, he tries to stall until three o'clock.

    However his wife is not as supertitious as him, and was growing impatient, so they left the diner a few minutes shy of three o'clock.

    All seems well, until the wife is nearly killed by a truck while crossing the road. The man looks up at a clock to see that it is exactly 3 o'clock.

    The man goes back to the diner, now more convinced than ever that that machine can tell the future.

    Luckily, his wife is able to pull him out of his superstitious ways. She told him that it was him, who suggested three o'clock, not the machine. She told them, that they are in control of their own destinies.

    They leave the diner with a new confidence and are not going to let a stupid little toy tell them what they can and cannot do.

    The episode ends when another couple enters the diner and goes to the exact fortune-telling machine as the other couple. They have obviously been there befoe. They start asking it when they can leave and if there is a way out.

    The episode is supposed to show you how superstition controls one couples life, while another decides not to believe in it. They choose to decide their own fate.
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