The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 25

People Are Alike All Over

Aired Unknown Mar 25, 1960 on CBS

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  • This One Sucks

    Great concept, great ending. But the execution of the plotline is clumsy, implausible, ridiculous. Of course it's a fantasy, but the part that's implausible and pathetic is not the idea that aliens have landed on earth, it is the way the people interact with each other. I found especially ludicrous and pathetic the geeky nerd boy who scares the adults by quoting from his space-fantasy comic books.

    ALLL EPISODES of the twilight zone are usually wicked awesome! i love these shows
  • grim fairy tale


    Featuring the lovely Susan Oliver. But once again I think Serling's tendency toward allegory makes the proceedings a bit ham-handed. Clearly this episode was, if anything, even more timely and topical when it first aired, but such things still translate into some rather silly scifi. Of course, he could hardly have gotten any more blatant with his message, and yet no doubt most of the sponsors still probably had no idea what he was talking about! lol

  • Great episode!

    This episode is exactly why I love The Twilight Zone so much. "People Are Alike All Over" has always been one of my favroite episodes of The Twilight Zone. Like most episodes of the series, the ending caught me by surprise. I just never expected it. I thought it was a really cool way to end . Another thing that I like so much is that it kind of states that we humans are animals too. Even though we're educated, we're still animals. And we tend to forget that. I just think that that is cool. I have just always loved something about this episode that I just can't put my finger on. This will always be one of my favorites.
  • after leaving earth, 2 men crash theyre space ship. when one dies, the other becomes very frightened about life on mars. once the door is opened, he notices that everyone on mars is very similar to humans..and in fact humans are alike all over. i wouldnt

    very powerful ending. i loved watd id say was the moral of the story. the man was so scared, so petrified of "aliens". the way he viewed them were differnt scary creatures who cant be trusted...he was skeptical. when he meets him everything seems to be going swell. they seem to treat him very nicely and hes very gratefull. the ending, the best part, he realizes he is trapped in a cage, and everyone is watching him like hes some sort of animal..some sort of creature that they throw peanuts at. it turns out he was the alien, and he was the one who was looked at as a monster. the best part of the episode was the ending. "you were right, humans are alike all over". humans are harsh and cruel to those who surround them, and all are guilty of being untrustworthy