The Twilight Zone

Season 4 Episode 9

Printer's Devil

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1963 on CBS

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  • The Devil you hired.

    Any rating below a 10 for this, the last of the great Burgess Meredith's Twilight Zone appearances, is a crime. Same goes with his performance as Henry Bemis in season one's "Time Enough at Last". This particular performance is very special as Meredith is wonderfully evil, not like the humble roles he has portrayed before. Besides that, ALL of the performances are superb and the storyline says something about today's world, even more-so. The nostalgic scenes with the printing machine really show how it was done in the early days. This entire episode reeks with brilliance. One of the best ever. and a must see.
  • The late Burgess Meredith makes his fourth and final appearance on "The Twilight Zone" as Mr. Smith; a man who meets the editor of a failing local newspaper named Douglas Winter as he is about to commit suicide. Winter hires Smith as a printer/reporter.

    As he did in his previous three appearances, the late Burgess Meredith gives a very good performance as Mr. Smith in this very good episode. Mr. Smith is certainly a far cry from the Henry Bemis or Mr. Dingle, but still Meredith does a good job bringing the character to life. All of the performances in this episode are quite good which adds to its entertainment value. The climax of this episode is good as well. I liked how Douglas Winter finally took charge and took his newspaper back from Mr. Smith. One of the few good season four episodes.
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