The Twilight Zone

Season 4 Episode 9

Printer's Devil

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1963 on CBS



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    • (Opening Narration)
      Narrator: Take away a man's dream, fill him with whiskey and despair, send him to a lonely bridge, let him stand there all by himself looking down at the black water, and try to imagine the thoughts that are in his mind. You can't, I can't. But there's someone who can—and that someone is seated next to Douglas Winter right now. The car is headed back toward town, but its real destination is the Twilight Zone.

    • (Closing Narration)
      Narrator: Exit the infernal machine, and with it his satanic majesty, Lucifer Prince of Darkness, otherwise known as Mr. Smith. He's gone, but not for good, that wouldn't be like him. He's gone for bad. And he might be back, with another ticket to the Twilight Zone.

  • Notes

    • This episode is based on the short story "The Devil, You Say?" by Charles Beaumont. The story was first published in Amazing Stories (January, 1951).

    • This episode, as with all in Season 4, were an hour in running time. All episodes in Season 1-3 & 5 were only 30 minutes.

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