The Twilight Zone

Season 5 Episode 9

Probe 7, Over and Out

Aired Unknown Nov 29, 1963 on CBS

Episode Recap

Probe 7 has crashed on a distant planet 4.3 million light years away from its home planet. The astronaut, Colonel Cook, survived but has a broken arm. Though his ship has limited power, he makes contact with the base on his home planet. He tells them there is no way he can repair the ship.

He opens the hatch and with a flashlight, takes a look outside in the night. He surveys the area around his ship and sees nothing, then calls out to see if anyone is there. There is no response. He goes back inside his damaged spacecraft, as something outside in the bushes rustle.

Cook makes contact again with the base, and repeats his situation to General Larrabee. The general tells Cook there is a crisis on their planet and war is imminent. If war breaks out, there will be no chance of rescue whatsoever. Cook turns off the transmission, hoping that they will communicate again.

The base makes contact a few hours later. Larrabee reports that war has broken out, and both sides are killing the planet's population. The general thinks that Cook has found a paradise in his situation; Cook sees it as a prison with solitary confinement. Cook hopes that Larrabee can make contact again; Larrabee says if they do, all Cook will hear is either silence or cries.

Cook goes outside the ship again. In the ground, he finds some drawings made by someone. He calls out to whoever might be there. All he gets in response is a rock thrown at his head. As Cook lies stunned on the ground, Larrabee sends a final message to him, hoping that in his new home, he will find peace, and nothing such as hate, before the transmission cuts off.

After he regains consciousness, Cook explores the area around his ship, as daylight has come. He sees movement in the bushes, and goes towards it. He goes into a clearing….and finds a frightened female. He wonders aloud if she's real or if it's a dream. The woman doesn't understand his language. He draws in the dirt to explain how he landed on the planet. She responds by doing the same; her planet went out of its orbit, and some of her people escaped on a ship, which then crashed on this planet and she was the only survivor. She tries to speak his language, saying that her name is Norda. He offers her food and a place to stay, but she runs off frightened.

Cook goes back to his ship and tries to make contact with the base, relating his view of humanity being a scared breed. He replays the last transmission from the base with Larrabee's final message.

Cook comes out of his ship with a pack of supplies, and finds Norda outside. He tells her that he is leaving his ship, going to a place that looks like a garden east of the ship, and that she can come along if she wants. He tries to communicate with her and give the planet a name. Holding out a handful of dirt, Cook asks her what her word is for it. She says it's "Rt-ha." They will call the planet Earth. He tells her his name â€" Adam Cook. Her name is Eve Norda. They will be Adam and Eve.

They walk for a while and come upon a tree. Eve offers Adam the fruit on the tree. She calls it a "seppla" â€" an apple.