The Twilight Zone

Season 5 Episode 9

Probe 7, Over and Out

Aired Unknown Nov 29, 1963 on CBS

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  • Trapped alone on another planet, no way home.

    The first person we are introduced to is Colonel Cook, an astronaut who has crashlanded on a planet light years away from his own. He is healthy, but has a broken rib. Naturally, I assumed he was from Earth. The officer he speaks to on the communicator acknowledges the existence of God. Apparently Col. Cook's planet is on the verge of nuclear war and ultimate destruction. He is unfortunate to be alone on an alien planet, but fortunate to be away from that. However, he is not alone. One night, he finds that someone has drawn something in the sand near his ship, and that someone is lurking in the bushes. Then, the next morning, he catches the person doing the lurking: a woman. Since they don't speak each other's language, they communicate through sand drawings. Cook learns that the woman, Norda, has crashed on the planet alone, too. She escaped from her planet because it had gone off of it's orbit. When Cook picks up his stick, Norda gets scared and runs away. Back at his ship, Cook discovers the final message he would ever get from his planet, wishing him good luck in his new world. Cook then finds Norda outside his ship. He deduces that she wishes to come with him, he agrees. Cook then names the planet for Norda's word for dirt: Earth. They learn each other's full names: Adam Cook and Eve Norda. This story shows a modern twist on the story of creation. I enjoyed it thoroughly.