The Twilight Zone

Season 5 Episode 9

Probe 7, Over and Out

Aired Unknown Nov 29, 1963 on CBS

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  • New Begining

    A second chance a fresh new start is something most of us always desire if we ever did something wrong with our lives or have been wronged, eventually we do get that chance. This is a tale that I really like that I think is a bit underrated. It's a simple love story but done right.

    What I love about this episode is how much were in the shadows in the story which makes it a little suspensful and facinating, as the sittuation develops between both the man and woman from different planets that have crash landed on a forgin planet. This story tricks us with the little information we get feed as the story progresses which causes us to prematurely make assumptions about who both the man and women are as well as the planets the come from when in reality we know nothing.

    I did love the chemestry between both Cook and Nooria. Nooria was tired, scared and distrustful of Cook at first due to the fact he was from antoher planet which we assumed is Earth, and possibly both their planets are at war, but she warms up to him slowly as she sees he means no harm. Likewise for Cook whom is a person that is tired, weary, and lonely he's a person that desires another chance at life, Nooria is that chance. When he sees Nooria he doesn't want to fight with her he wants to be friends with her.

    The only weakness of this episode is I don't feel both character had enough interaction time, probably due to time limitations, but this is a minor complant I can get past.

    And of course that twist at the end was great because we discover what this tale really was a sci-fi retelling of the Adam and Eve story. I thought this was very cleaver and sweet, this is something that has actually been done numerious times like the sci-fi film "The Quiet Earth".

    Love with another person is the step to a new begining.
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