The Twilight Zone

Season 5 Episode 23

Queen of the Nile

Aired Unknown Mar 06, 1964 on CBS

Episode Recap

Syndicated columnist Jordan Herrick arrives for his appointment at the home of Pamela Morris, a famous actress. As he goes in, he notices Egyptian décor throughout the house. The maid ushers him into a living room where there is more Egyptian decorations., and a large portrait of Morris herself, dated 1940. Morris hears the sound of water splashing and goes outside to find Pamela swimming in the pool. She emerges and an elderly woman approaches her. Pamela says she was to stay in her room but the elderly woman says she won't let it happen. Pamela tells the woman she has no choice and then waves to Jordan. A few minutes later, Pamela changes into a dress and greets Jordan, who is clearly smitten with her. She apologizes for keeping him waiting and asks for his forgiveness. Jordan starts by asking her age and she says she's not offended, then asks him how old she thinks he is. He notes she doesn't seem to have aged since 1940 and Pamela says she was only a child when she posed. As Pamela offers him coffee, the elderly woman Viola comes in and Pamela introduces her as her mother. Pamela notes that Viola has never approved of her career and Viola says that Pamela's always been as beautiful as she is now. Viola tries to speak further but Pamela dismisses her to the kitchen. They go out on the patio and Pamela says she's 38. Jordan pulls out his notes which include the fact she apparently starred in a movie in 1935. As Viola watches from hiding, Pamela claims that it wasn't her. Jordan notes that she was in love with her co-star, John Bradley, but Pamela says she didn't arrive in Hollywood until 1940. Jordan confirms she made her first movie, Queen of the Nile, in 1940 when she was 15. Pamela says she matured early and no one knew how old she was at the time. She admits the movie inspired her Egyptian décor, then talks of how Jordan makes her feel 15 again. She puts him off until dinner that night and he agrees, but as he leaves Viola approaches him and warns that he shouldn't return for dinner. Viola warns that Jordan wouldn't believe her if she said how old she thinks Pamela really is. Jordan is confused and Viola says that she's Pamela's daughter, not her mother. That night, Jordan calls his boss, Krueger, and has him pull the file on Queen of the Nile Krueger says there were two of them, a silent version in 1920 and another one in 1940. Krueger pulls both of the files and determines that Constance Taylor starred in the original. There was an accident during the last days of filming and Constance disappeared in a cave-in. Kruger met Constance and says she was an ageless femme fatale who had been married a half-dozen times. Jordan notes that Constance's history matches Pamela's and has Kruger pull a photo of the two. Krueger confirms the two women look alike but notes they played the same roles and costumes. Jordan has Krueger look up the records on all the men involved with Constance. Jordan takes the information to Viola, who confirms that everything is true but warns him to leave. She hasn't seen Pamela age throughout her entire life of 70 years. When Jordan asks her what Pamela's secret is, Viola says she doesn't know but that it has something to do with the Scarabaei beetle amulet that Pamela keeps mounted on the wall. Jordan pushes her for further answers but Viola refuses to speak further of it and Pamela interrupts them. She tells her "mother" to go to her room and has her escorted out. As Jordan helps her out, Pamela drops pills into his coffee. When Jordan returns, he says it's time for an honest talk. As he drinks his coffee, she agrees to tell him everything. She reaches behind a statue and takes out a glass case holding a living Scarabaei beetle. As Jordan starts to get faint, she explains she got it from the Pharaohs who understood its power, and she was once Queen of the Nile. Jordan collapses and Pamela put the beetle on his chest. In a matter of seconds he ages and turns to dust. Pamela takes the beetle and pushes it to her chest. She then returns the beetle to its hiding place as Viola comes in and finds Jordan's empty clothing. Pamela tells her to get rid of the clothing and then answers the doorbell, where another man, Mr. Jackson, arrives for his appointment.