The Twilight Zone

Season 5 Episode 23

Queen of the Nile

Aired Unknown Mar 06, 1964 on CBS

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  • sterotyped enteral youth/witch

    Although in real Life Ann Blyth is a devout relgious person-somehow she alwyays in the parts I seen in plays "evil charcathers" {in two episodes of "Quincy ME} She is exposed as a greedy murderous killer!}

    In regard to the theme of this nastly little story is actaully that of the Femme Fatale vampire like witches who seduce male victiums for their souls such as in the classic poem "Sweet lady without mercy" or in the Star trek Cartoon "The Loreli Signal". In what might be called a seuqel to this epsiode there was an epsiode of "Otherworld" in which women drain mens "Life force" {"Souls"} using science instead of black magic. HOwever this has a happy ending-the heros stop the femme fatale who deprived of soul Energy-age up and die!
  • No moral , just pure entertainment.

    Pamela Morris, an actress who has played the Queen of the Nile in the movies, actually lived the part she played-about two thousand years earlier. And it isn't because of reincarnation either. As the real Egyptian queen, she had discovered the secret of immortality and endless youthfulness, but it came at the expense of someone else's youth-and life. In order to remain young, and alive, she uses a bewitched beetle to extract blood from her victims, taking away their youth and futures and thereby killing them, and then uses this beetle to inject it into herself. It more or less resembles the season two episode, "Long Live Walter Jameson", except that Jameson could maintain his youth and immortality without victimizing another person, and Jameson, unlike Ms. Morris, grew tired of immortality. The columnist sent to interview her, named Herrick, is warned about her by her elderly "mother", who is actually her daughter, and of course he thinks the lady's nuts, but is intrigued by the fact that Ms. Morris has appeared in movies much earlier, years totalling more than her professed age of 38. He keeps in contact with his boss, who feeds him information about Ms. Morris, and Herrick wonders about these discrepencies in her life. This episode begs for a sequel, in that his whereabouts would surely be investigated, and his boss would lead them to Ms. Morris. In the original script, a policeman shows up to investigate at the end, but ends up like all the other victims. But then, the policeman's whereabouts would come under scrutiny, so sooner or later the authorities are going to find out that something is going on at this house. Oh well, that's just nitpicking! Don't let it spoil your fun.
  • An aging actress retains her beauty and youthful appearance as year pass by. She has a secret, which is revealed in the Twilight Zone episode entitled Queen of the Nile.

    This is a well-written and conceived episode. The casting is excellent, as is the location in which it was filmed. The aging actress is both glamorous and beautiful, and performs extremely well in this fanciful tale of intrigue. The investigative reporter began his walk through the Twilight Zone by arranging what should have been an innocent meeting with the actress at her palatial home. As the reporter digs deeper into his investigation of this seemingly ageless beauty, he begins to sense that he is up against something unexplainable but he continues to reach for an explanation. The secret of the actress being able to retain her beauty and apparent youth is the real twist in this story and it is one of the more intriguing episodes of The Twilight Zone.