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  • one of the best shows in tv history

    this is a personal favorite of mine i mean its the twilight zone the show that give you scary moments , great shocks and a lesson .
    there has to be a million classic moments in this great tv show and what is so cool is that even after all you can still be scared of the music and the black and white .
    and if the twilight zone had never existed there wouldnt be some other great shows like the x files , supernatural , lost , fear itself and many many more so hands down awesome show with allot of gems from the mind of the great rod serling .
  • This show is one of my favorites!

    Well, I have never really seen it on the science fiction channel on my tv, but I watched it in my writing class for a project, and I thought it was a really good show! Well, it did creep me out for a while, but I still loved it! I wouldn't really watch it all the time, but I still like it. A couple of episodes made me want to scream, but, for some reason, the more I watched the show,the more I wanted to watch more episodes.... What made this show even more scarier is that the show is in black and white(I know the show was made in the 1950's....) Overall, this is one of my favorites.
  • The Anthology series that is still a milestone in the American History of Television. The Stories were based mostly on Supernatural and Mystery but were also grounded on a reality-based fact.

    I Love this Show...!
    The Show explored the countless meaning of life and various aspects and associations of Paranormal with base reality.
    Rod Serling was truly a Genius, none can ever replace his masterpieces.!
    The Show also included many awkward subjected episodes which were totally berserk at that time but now can be fully understood. Aliens, Time Travel and Alternate Realities, All of them were part of Twilight Zone extended mythos!
    I would like to suggest every open-minded man to watch this show, This can definitely change their world, It will change the way they see and feel this Universe! I can Bet on it!
  • the twilight zone is scary. I love this show. it is unpredictable.

    The twilight zone is an old but clasic and unpredictable show. Its fun to watch this. I think it could mabey be fixed up by our current tecnology. Then it would dbe amazing simply amazing. There should be more people to watch this. It could be made the best suspence show in the world. A clasical show with unexpected things in it. I love its endings. This show = ausume. So to just break it down this show was great by Owwwww my head crashed into the door. Alright I'll do it right this time Youdude 123 outof here man.
  • The subjects in each episode of the show ranged from many categories: Dimensions, Time Travel, Space Travel, Mind, Humanity, Death, 2nd Chance, Creatures, Enchanted Objects, Machines, Devil/Evil, and Magic...

    The Twilight Zone was and is one of the best programs EVER! I grew up watching this show. Even though I've seen all 156 episodes, I continue watching them on Sci Fi channel every weeknight. I admit it is one of my guilty pleasures in life. I even watch the marathons each year when they come on TV. Rod Serling was a masterful storyteller. I even ordered the Complete Definitive Collection on DVD. They sure don't make shows like this anymore. It's a complete shame that they don't too. How could you not give it a perfect 10? The show is a CLASSIC!
  • This was a brilliant show way ahead of its time.

    This show was around long before me, but I love it. It's a classic with themes that still hold up today. So many of the shows deal with the theme of war and man's treatment of man. I love the ones that deal with human psychology, especially when man is his own worst enemy. I also love that there's always a twist at the end of every episode. Whenever Sci Fi Channel has a marathon, I'm tuned in to watch. Every one is a brilliant study and commentary on human nature. Of course, some are just plain funny and entertaining. Being originally from Ohio, I have a sentimental affection for the ones set there. Let's face it, the rural settings make it perfect for the bizarre and frightening to happen. One of my favorites is "It's a Good Life" with Anthony, who can make things happen with his wishes. As a teacher, it's also one of the most terrifying!
  • The world is as we see it.What we know has come to us through millions of years of evolution, and we are at the dawn of a complete shift in humanity,a change that will accelerate the previous million years of change into mere decades...Will we survive??

    The quest for ultimate answers has been found through out the ages in the mysteries of religion , the quest for the hero , the challenge of survival. Humans need more than mere food and shelter, but the achievement of this can sometimes be more than we are capable of. The human mind has changed from its early form, and archeology tells us that the size of the brain increased incredibly from two million years ago and gained its maximum size found in the skulls of Neanderthals...evolutions and histories most famous dead end. Our brains are somewhat smaller than one hundred thousand years ago, but it is safe to assume the "wiring" and "circuitry" are still progressing, forming stronger bonds and discovering better pathways than before for information and processing. Studies have shown children are on average higher in I.Q. than their parents. So what does this have to do with the show? I'm sure you can work it out...
  • A wonderful collection of stories.

    This is one of the few shows in science fiction that I take the time to watch. I've been watching this show since I was too young to watch it. There are episodes which can scare even adults and there are episodes that leave you to think. The variety of episodes has always amazed me and have even had classes in school that had lessons based on certain episodes. This show came and went long before I was born but I loved watching it in syndication on the Sci-Fi channel with my family. I thought it was funny that we would watch this show as a family but that's what this series was capable of. It was a masterpiece of its time and continues to draw an audience. This is one show that I hope never gets taken off the air.
  • The Twilight Zone will always be a classic.

    Even though this show was way before I was born, I love it. It makes me wonder if some of these episodes could be true. The theme song is awesome! My favorite episode will always be "Time Enough At Last" starring Batman star Burgess Meredith, one was born in the state I currently live in, Ohio. My other favorite episode is the one where the lady sees her double from another dimension at the bus stop. Those two will always be remembered. This year, I am going to try to make it to the Twilight Zone convention. I haven't met any of the stars yet and this is supposed to be the last convention, because they can't get any people to come besides the ones they have every year.
  • Good Show! Very Creative.

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  • Such an awsome and interesting show!

    Ahh...what to say ummm... well this show is one of my favs i think the first epi i watched was The Dummy lol i was so scared it wsa not even funny i seen it like whan i ws about 8 years old and i had hella bad dreams lol but anyways i have all the episodes their pretty awsome i think they should come out with some more episodes but then again i kinda don't like the last ones they made like The Fear i thought that episode was so stupid i think the back in the day ones were the best!!
  • It doesn't get any better.

    Ahh, where do I begin? This show is what first turned me on to the sci-fi genre. I think the first episode I ever watched was 'The Monsters are due on Maple Street' where paranoia about monsters causes a small suburbian neighbourhood to go crazy and all the people turn on each other and start doing bad stuff to each other. Its great. All the episodes of this series were very, very well done. It was also great because it offered a commentary on human society and a lot of the "lessons" really made you think. One episode in particular that I think explains this is "Rip Van Winkle Caper", where four thieves steal gold and freeze themselves in a suspended animation chamber til the year 2061(they figure by the time they wake up no one will care). But when they wake up greed gets the better of them and they start to kill each other. One of the robbers manages to escape alive with some gold only to find out that in the year 2061 gold isn't valuable anymore because human beings found a way to manufacture it.

    Its episodes like these that make this, in my opinion, one of the best shows of all time both old and new. I would definitely recommend this show to any fan of the sci-fi genre.

    *On a side note, for anyone interested, is selling the complete series on DVD (theres something like 28 discs, packed with every episode digitally remastered as well as tons of extra features and commentary tracks) all for like $167.99 American. Thats one heck of a deal considering it usually retails at $299.99!
  • Wow. Amazing. Entertaining

    This show had some of the best writing and acting of all time. It's amazing how great this show looked and felt for being so "old". Rod Serling was a man before his time kinda guy. It's amazing how he stood up to TV producers and executives who wanted to change his show. This integrity resonated in the show and, I believe, would have killed the show. Some of TVs most classic storylines came from episodes on TTZ. There are just too many to name so I won't even try. Suffice it to say that between this show and the Outer Limits everything sci-fi takes its queue from any of these episodes. I am always overjoyed to watched the series again on New Years Eve on Sci-Fi and have been a fan ever since I was little.
  • The Twilight Zone was a sci-fi show that often had a special lesson in each episode.

    The first Twilight Zone was in 1959 which was hosted by Rod Serling until it was cancelled in 1964. I hope to see a newer series come back soon. Even though, each new series ends constantly, it will always be a classic. It's hard to say which was my favorite episode in the first series, but I guess it would be The Eye of the Beholder. I would definately say The Twilight is one of my favorite shows. Although, they're aren't going to be a new series anytime soon, I can still watch the reruns from the past Twilight Zone shows.
  • The best show that has ever been and ever will be on television.

    The Twilight Zone is my favorite show ever. It is the most original show I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Rod Serling is possibly the greatest writer that ever lived. I love watching the Twilight Zone. We have every episode on DVD at my house so I always enjoy watching them. My favorite episode is The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street. The ending just really blew my mind. And it sent out such a powerful message. Most every episode did send out a good message. That was another thing I liked about the show. My favorite episodes were the ones that dealt with aliens and time travel . They were always very good. The Twilight Zone is the best show that has ever been and will ever be on television.
  • The Twilight Zone

    I have been watching this show for the past 49 yrs and it bring me great time to see someone who come up with a show that has so many thing to make you think it could be part of life. It is sad that he passed on as if he was here today there would be more shows made by him. B&W was that time but when they have it running again it sure brings you back what once was Tv like back then. His voice fit's the part of the show making it kinds spookie & nice. Here is a old Classic you will enjoy if you have not seen it you may like it
  • The twilite zone had some of the most thought provoking stories I have ever seen on TV

    I used to love watching The Twilite Zone (The Classics from the 1950's and early 60's) when we lost Rod Serling we lose an exelent writer and story teller.Some of the Zones stories I refer to are ones like The Lutennet,and one with Burges Marideth in which he loved to read and after a nuklier hollicost he came out of the vault thinking he could read all the books he wanted until he broke his glasses Wow What a bummer.That is just one of the many stories I used to love to watch. I wish they would bring it back to TV again. What a Loss.
  • Great classic show!

    Wished that there were more classic shows like this as that is what tv is lacking these days. Hosted by writer Rod Serling, the show also was a successor to Alfred Hitchcock Presents. As it shows stories that you don't expect at all. Meaning expect the unexpected. As Serling didn't want to show you but to pull you and drag you through it. But in a good kind of way.
  • This show illustrates that things are sometimes not what they appear.

    "The Twilight Zone" can be considered a science-fiction classic. This show deals with activities that normally do not occur in real life. In one episode, a hitchhiker follows a woman after an accident involving her car. In the end, the hitchhiker was revealed to be Death. Another episode has all electrical devices, including cars, rendered inoperative by an external force. A camera in one episode takes pictures of events before they even happen. Yet another episode depicts an obsolete man being blown up. In this series, numerous strange events take place. One of these is time travel. Another is the deviation of Earth from its orbit.
  • Submitted for your perusal . . . . Mr Rod Serling, genius!

    Picture the scene, it is night, there is thick fog, and a man with a familiar face in a dark suit walk out of the gloom up to the camera, he speakes, "Object in question tonight is a television series. For all the brilliance that is Star Trek, Doctor Who, the Gerry Anderson shows, and the many written works by some of the great authors and storytellers, nothing can touch the very special dimension that is not only of sight and sound, but of mind. It truly is a place where the boundaries where our imagination, and it is a series that still seems so fresh today. On October 2nd 1959, television took our imaginations into this place, and they still remain there now. That place we know of course to be . . the Twilight Zone."
    We will never see its like again.
  • Nothing else like it.

    I can tell you that I grew up watching this creep and crazy show. I lived for it, when I was young I would sneak and watch it from the hallway on my parents tv set. How can anyone get enough of this show. This one truly needs to be brought back, but keep it in black and white. It adds to the mystery. My favorite episode was the one with the ventriloquist dummy. Very fascinating!
    This link gets you to imdb, it has the cast and story line to the entire show. Everyone has their favorite "Twilight episode".
  • "Still gives me the creeps.."

    The first time I watched the show I was surprised by the setting which is like 1960's. I was just able to watch 4 to 5 episodes of it in our country because it was shown so late in the evening... I mean, midnight... and usually at the time I am all alone watching tv...

    I must admit that it gave me creeps... Just a little short I think on the stories but to think that the people already thought of something like that at those time and be able to execute it really well is so fantastic...And the stories can still be applied these days I think...

    And the music, oh my gosh...
  • The Twilight Zone is or was great television that can be boiled down to good stories, good writing and good acting.

    Misplaced Keys. "You unlock this door with the key of imagination, beyond it is another dimension. A dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into... The Twilight Zone." Rod Serling

    My day job requires me to work on the 4th of July, but it's okay since I get paid double-time on holidays. After a long day at work I came home and started my usual unwinding ritual of channel surfing. To my surprise, I found a Twilight Zone marathon on the Sci Fi Channel. I got to see some of my favorite episodes including A Stop At Willoughby, Mr. Bevis, A Hundred Yards Over The Rim, It's A Good Life, The Odyssey Of Flight 33 and Once Upon A Time. I loved tuning into an episode and see a character or characters out in the middle of nowhere be it the desert or a distant planet. A puff of smoke appears behind them, yet the characters do not acknologe the smoke, then the camera pans over to the side to reveal that the smoke came from Rod Serling's cigarette. The Twilight Zone is or was great television that can be boiled down to good stories, good writing and good acting.

    I find it funny that many people today see television as pure escapism, not healthy entertainment, but escapism. They want to get lost in the lives of others whether they are real or fictional. These people do not care to use television to be informed enriched or educated. The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Playhouse 90 and other anthology series told great stories yet sadly they are no longer marketable since most of the television viewing public would rather see formulaic programming with reoccurring characters, and don’t even get me started on reality TV.

    Is it that people are too lazy to escape reality or is it a narrow-minded escapism? You can’t unlock the door with the key of imagination when you have misplaced the keys and refuse to go look for them. To quote Rod Serling, "You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead— your next stop, the Twilight Zone!" It’s not like this type of travel requires airfare, a passport or a security check. So why are you placing boundaries on it?

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroa
  • The Twilight Zone is a classic show created by the genuis himself, Rod Serling. This show proved to go where no other show had gone before. It made you think about the supernatural and the unknown.

    The Twilight Zone was a unusual show for its time. This was no ordinary drama or mystery series. When I first saw the Twilight Zone, I was kind of afraid. Some of the episodes were errie and strange, but it made you think about things that could happen. Like the episode of the Midnight Sun for example. What happenend if the Sun was coming close to the earth. This show gave you that pressure and intensity as if you were right there in the episode with the characters. The stories were wrote out so well and there was a type of mood and atmosphere in each story that brung it to life. I am so glad to own these episodes on DVD now, because they have a lot of meaning and made you wonder about the unknown.
  • One of those shows that defies description. While it had its share of bad episodes, it was still a winner.

    The Twilight Zone was a show that defied category. It tried its hand at many different styles of storytelling, suspense, horror, drama, even comedy (although the latter usually fell flat). It's one of those programs that holds up even though more than 40 years have gone by since it first debuted. What can account for its longevity? It might be the scripts, penned by writers such as Richard Matheson, Charles Beaumont, Earl Hammer Jr. (of Waltons fame), and Rod Serling himself, which never ended up quite where you thought they might. It might have been the performances turned in by actors like Burgess Meredith, a young Robert Redford, and an even younger Bill Mumy. It might be the episodes like "Time Enough at Last" or "It's a Good Life", which have seeped into popular culture in some way. I'd like to think it was all of those things...and perhaps something else, some charm that defies explanation. A word for it may be found...but only in the Twilight Zone.
  • The Twilight Zone

    The series was a collection of various tales that range from the tragic to the comedic. They may be scary or just thought-provoking. Most episodes have unexpected endings and a moral lesson. But, no matter what, it's "a journey into a wondrous land, whose boundaries are that of the imagination." Rod Serling, creator and host of the series, won two Emmys for outstanding writing.No matter this show is from 60' but it attract a lot of people.Old, young, teens and other.What should i say more old but great.too bad i can't watch it anymore.He he he he he he he.
  • This show is great. Everything is soo unexpected. It's so weird... in a good way!

    This show is about things that go totaly wrong and unexpeted. Everything is so unusual and different. When you least expect something... BOOM! It happens. This show doesn't have a story line. It's just about many things that are different. The episodes do not connect. They have different plots. It's just so unpredictable. It is really hard to predict what happens toward the end. The unpredicted, unexpected storyline is what makes this show good. Since this the endings are so unexpected, things get you by suprise. The storyline of each episode build suspense and make you expect something usual. It makes you view things differently.
  • perhaps the best show ever

    the Twilight Zone, way ahead of its time, has so many great episodes, some scary, some odd and entertaining, but many just give a good example of a life lesson, kind of a good versus evil type of thing, where you find out what is really important in life the extrodinary tales that are totally sci fi- yet at the point have a purpose and meaning that ring true even to this day, and perhaps more now than ever as tales of greed , lust, power, control, are all handled in a way where usually, in the end, the players who wish for too much of these evils get their just desserts. one of the greats
  • All-time favorite sci-fi show. Is the best all time at telling a story and a good one at that.

    Rod Sterling, the genius behind The Twilight Zone, was and still is the best story teller this man has ever seen. From the first word you hear come out of his mouth, you are captivated and want to hear more. Rod just sold the whole idea to CBS and it was a great choice they made bringing it to life. My family grew me up on this show even though it was years and years past my time and I will try to hook my children on it becouse it's great television at it's simple best. Can't think of any better quirky show that fills the bill quite like the original Twilight Zone.
  • Rod Serling was a genius!

    This show was way ahead of it's time. Rod Serling was brilliant. All the episodes always had a surprise ending that you never expected. It really made you look at things in a differnt way. Serling was a wonderful writer and a great nararator too. This will go down in history as one of the best shows of television.
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