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  • Even today it remains one of the most innovative and creative television shows in history.

    The stories still hold up; they still startle and surprise...this is a show that has not only withstood the test of time, it is still mimicked in many ways. A list of programs influenced directly or indirectly by "The Twilight Zone" would take up this entire page. Even Serling himself mimicked his style in a ghost story approach kind of way with "Night Gallery", but none can compare to the original. Part drama, part mystery, part suspense, part sci-fi, the show would leave its viewer in amazement and awe like few shows ever could.

    Yes, it was in black and white, but this added to the appeal, much like filmmaker Murnau's "Nosferatu" was better done in b & w. When some of the shows were redone in color, it lost some of its allure and mystery. There was even a full screen movie done where the vignettes were mere big screen adaptations of some of the episodes, but this may be one of the rare occasions where the small screen upstaged the big screen, and the remade stories fell flat when compared to the originals, which is big considering that one of the vignettes was done by Spielberg.

    This show was not only ahead of its time, it was also one of a kind unique.
  • Lights ahead!

    The Twilight Zone is just one of those classic, nobody can replace type shows. It was so far ahead of its time when it was on the air that honestly I feel as though it was and still is used as a frame for shows to come. If you have never seen is about time you should!
  • May be in black and white but a great show.

    This show is creepy and awesome. Look forward to New Year's Eve and Day to watch the marathon on Scifi. My parents got me volume 1 for my birthday and I love to watch it. it's a great show and has a great plot twist at the end and has a great ending and makes you come up with your own because the narrator gives you like a riddle at the ending of each one. My favorite episode is the Invaders which is awesome and scary trust me when you see this show watch it it's much better than most shows people watch today!
  • I'm 17!

    .... and never saw more than 2 or 3 shows of it

    but the reason i want to give a shout out to this show is because of it's concept.

    i like the way it tell the story that sometimes make wonfering and freak you out.

    this one the classics..

    i love it Man!
  • The best show in it's day...

    You are entering... my review. The Twilight Zone was one of the strangest and best shows ever. The stories were so weirdly fantastic and the writing was superb. After watching an episode a chill creeps up my spine. It is extremely creepy. Nobody will ever forget this show... in the Twilight Zone.
  • Way strange.

    You are entering the Twilight Zone. I have only seen some of the orginial episodes. Infact, only 5 of them, because the Sci-Fi channel always has the show on at midnight or too late for me to stay up. The only chances were during the marathon on the New Years at year. But still, great show!
  • A show that can be put in one word "History" This was a show that can make one think make one cry, or just smile. Rod Serling was a great writer that could make you think and feel good inside his art will truly be missed.

    I think this was one of the best shows ever. The stories can open ones mind to new ideas. If I ever become a writer it will all be from Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone. Never before or maybe ever again will there be such a show that can make you laugh, cry, scream, or just lay speechless. No matter how many times they have tried to remake or add to the collection they have failed this piece of art can not be changed. Also this show has clearly shown that it's still alive by appearing in other shows that use many of the classic stories Simpsons is a good example I have seen many episodes that have used Twilight Zone stories. Where would TV be were would we be with out this show and Rod Serling. Let’s just say it maybe like we ourselves have entered the Twilight Zone.
  • good show!

    I have watched all season 1 and most of seasons 2-5 it was ana mazing show for its time and enjoyable by all The monochrome makes it suspenseful along with the old camera techniques The new year marathns on sci-fi are good but dont have all the episodes. 10 / 10
  • "the Twilight Zone"

    This was a porsonal fav. ever since i seen the first episode, it made me think about the conspericy's all in america along with aliens, and other govermental projects that was telling me to back off this subject!, just like the crazy things that happen to people in the twilight zone.
  • Quite possibly the best show of its kind..

    The Twilight Zone has been remade, copied, and put on the big screen, but nothing can match the original for sheer quality.
    The show owes its success largely due to a brilliant team of writers, including Richard Matheson (who wrote the famous wing gremlin episode), Charles Beaumont, and, of course, Rod Serling himself. Be they morality plays, sci-fi speculations, or just spooky tales of horror, the TZ stories stick out in one's mind-the previously mentioned wing gremlin episode, the woman being stalked by miniature invaders, the suburban neighborhood being turned into a cauldron of violence and paranoia by the prospect of an alien invasion-very few episodes are easily forgotten.
    The cinemotography is crisp and clean, and the effects-though hokey looking nowadays-serve to move the story forward well enough. Finally, mention must be made of Serling's narration. The show wouldn't have been the same without it.

    Sure, one can gripe that not all the episodes were up to par, but the good episodes are amazing, and the bad episodes tend to be, at worst, forgettable.
  • A show that was definately ahead of it's time!

    My interest in the Twilight Zone began nearly a year ago when my husband and I watched the marathon on the Sci-Fi channel during the New Year's holiday. I only remember seeing one episode back in high school years ago which was " A kind of stopwatch" where the guy could pause the going ons in the world when he presses the button on the watch. Back then, I thought that episode was pretty cool but because it was in black & white, way ahead of my time, I never gave it much thought to watch the rest of the episodes during its re-run.

    Now fast forward 15 years later, I was really impressed with some of the other episodes that I got a chance to see and soon afterwards, I was on the internet ordering volumes of the series to add to my DVD collection that's how good it still is today. Though some episodes are better than others. To me, today's modern television is just a waste of time, with all these so called reality shows. Back in the 60's and 70's, TV was the place to be with these type of underated television show.
  • Classic show with great stories

    this is a classic show. i recently watched a marathon and became addicted. It has the greatest stories that were meant to be brian teasers. however, this was back in the fifties. Now, these shows are comical to watch and look back at the older generations idea of scary shows. i absolutely love the host too. he makes the show worth watching with his elaborate metaphors. "a pawn in the chess game we call life on the table in the living room of the universe." Hillarious.
  • An all time classic !

    Who can forget those immortal lines narrated by Rod Sterling: "You're travelling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead--your next stop, the Twilight Zone!"

    The Twilight Zone series though similar to those based on time travel, were unique in the sense that the main character in each episode was taken to a different zone in time and space where he/she came face to face with his/her inner conflicts, hidden desires and unfullfilled dreams. Each plot was unique in its own "bizarreness" and the ends usually were anticlimatic. Looking at the success of modern series such as the X-Files perhaps it is time that someone revived the Twilight Zone. the question is: who will replace Rod Sterling as the narrater ?
  • One of the most ground breaking tv shows ever!

    What can I say about Twilight Zone that hasn't already been said. I will start with the basics. This is one of my favorite shows of all time. This is the oldest show that I really love. This is one of the few black and white shows that I really love too. This is such a great show that the networks have tried to copy this show 2 times, with much better technology, but not with the same intensity. Every episode is totally different from the one before it and with different actors, writers and directors. This is a much different format from today's soap opera type shows.

    Some episodes are amazing. They will get under your skin and you will remember them forever. While other episodes are ok and some are passable. Some of my favorite episodes off the top of my head are "Time Enough to Last"
    and "No 12 Looks Just Like You".

    This is a show that one can watch out of order. However, I am looking forward to buying the new dvds with the season by season episodes and rewatching the entire series in order.

    I highly recomend this show to any lover of sci-fi or fantasy. This show was light years ahead of its time and is truly an institution.
  • One of the best!!

    The Twilight Zone is in all honesty one of the best television shows ever created. It was well written, it made people think, and it was by all means way ahead of it's time. Sure, the special effects weren't amazing, but the story telling was so thought provoking. We need more shows like this now-a-days...
  • “The Twilight Zone” series is a pioneer of science fiction on television. Original, influential, thought provoking, and scary. Worthy of your time.

    “The Twilight Zone” series is a pioneer of science fiction on television. Fans and critics alike praise its use of metaphors to comment on social issues. The show places genuine and relatable characters into bizarre and extreme situations. The series’ five year run would produce episodes that covered topics such as nuclear war, loneliness, the apocalypse, robots, morality, aliens, human behavior, invaders, and much more.

    Each episode begins and ends with an intriguing narration from series creator Rod Serling. The show is famous for providing a twist ending at the end of most episodes, but the show has many more elements to appreciate. The show is incredibly well acted and it is easy to invest in its characters. You’ll be able to recognize more than a few faces as the show had some famous guest stars. Additionally, the show has quality music that possesses the ability to direct the viewer’s emotions. The fact the show is in black and white is a benefit to the series as it reflects the dark themes of the series as well as the Zeitgeist of the generation.

    Standout writers for the series include Richard Matheson and Rod Serling. Nevertheless, the series isn’t perfect as even these great writers are capable of writing a mediocre episode once in a while. Episodes range from being fantastic - to being average - to being poor. Comparatively, there are far more great episodes throughout the series than there are poor ones. Standout episodes include: The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street, The Howling Man, and To Serve Man.

    “The Twilight Zone” has had a direct influence on science fiction, television, and film. The show produced countless classic episodes that have been and continue to be parodied in television and movies.

    Original, influential, thought provoking, and scary. Worthy of your time.
  • Classic show!!

    This show maybe old but there is nothing compare with it. It tells stories that go from scary to thought provoking. I still watch this show at midnight in SciFi and to tell the truth I have a hard time sleeping afterwards. Depends on the episode also because not all of them are scary. But at the end of each episode there is a moral lesson something that nowadays is not used. Very good show and everybody should watch it. Long live the Twilight Zone!
  • One of my favorites

    As I was growing up, I'd look so forward to Fridays, not only because it was the last day of school, but mostly because that's the night "The Twilight Zone" aired. It was one of my favorite shows of all time, offering excellent stories and fine actors. I'm so glad it came out on VHS first, and now DVD.
  • The true beginning of modern Science Fiction

    It is completely impossible to narrow down the best episodes of this classic TV series...everything about it (writing, acting, production values) is leaps and bounds above anything around today! That being said, since the Christmas season is approaching, Serling made two holiday episodes that are worth taking the time to watch all over again: "The Night of the Meek" with Art Carney and (my personal favorite) "The Changing of the Guard" with Donald Pleasance. Both are timeless classics, and show a very sentimental side to the Twilight Zone...Every year at the holiday season I like to sit back and take these episodes in; they get better and better with each repeated viewing!
  • Brilliant, influential ...

    What could I possibly say that could do Rod Serling's classic show justice? Not a lot, besides the very obvious fact that The Twilight Zone is brilliant. Plain and simple.

    Much like Star Trek has influenced science fiction over the last few decades, Twilight Zone has also influenced and spawned many a spin off and various no'er-do-well copy cats, but nothing beats the original. It's dark, edgy, and way before it's time. The stories even today have a common moral that we all can relate to and understand.

    Twilight Zone will always be considered one of the greatest shows of all time, and it is most definitely a well deserved observation.
  • A Mind Dazzler

    I got into the classic show a couple years ago and ended up owning all the episodes within one year. I am truly a mystery lover, and this being in B&W is REALLY awesome.

    I like the first season; those episodes always seemed to be more mysterious than the other 4 seasons. I also liked it when they did 1-hour shows and don't understand why Rod Serling went back to 30 minutes in the 5th season. I love that extra 30 minutes of the story line and wished the entire series was 1-hour. But either way, this is a good show and even though I'll watch an episode over and over, I still discover something interesting.
  • One of the best shows in television history.

    The Twilight Zone was an outstanding show. It is amazing at how well written and thought out every single episode was. I think all of them are great. They are all very fun to watch. It is also amazing how a show made back in the 1950s is still a great program today. Ovrerall, The Twilight Zone is an incredible show and is indeed a classic.
  • A classic thrilling series.

    This is an excellent series of which Rod Sterling made a masterpeice. Now this show does not compare to shows now a dys in disturbingness, but it was ground breaking in its time. But I would prefer it to a lot of shows these days and is truly excellent. It also has these little life lessons and morals in each show that we should all learn to follow.
  • Never the same journey twice

    The Twilight Zone is one of my personal favorites due to the fact that Rod Serling had created a show with such unusual tales that can vary from satire to social commentary, all with either a fantasy or a sci-fi twist.

    Even though some of the shows might seem a tad dated or just hokey, they still entertain in ways that no present-day show can hope to attain.

    Rod Serling (& his cadre of talented writers) has left us a legacy & i have been a fan since i first saw an episode (oddly enough) during a rain delay on a Cubs game back in the 1970's on Chicago TV.

    Always will be a wondrous journey whose boundaries are that of the imagination.

    This is the god of Sci Fi. As in, it's ahead of it's time. Imagenive, and also a parody ice breaker for some shows, cartoons, etc. I used, and still, watch this with my father all the time. I remember there was one, that this guy, could live forever or something like that, And at the end, turned to dust. AMAXING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! !! ! !!!! !!
  • The Concept of the Episode "Ring-a-Ding Girl".

    A Haunting episode about a magic ring that astrally projects the extremely popular movie star into visiting her hometown and trying to save everyone's lives by telling everyone to stay home as her plane and the real Ring-a-Ding girl crashes into the picnic event.

    I've always viewed the Ring-a-Ding Girl episode to be a brief mix of various stories and strange occurrences of the day the music died, along with Patsy Cline and Richie Valens and the Big Bopper.
  • One of the best shows of all time.

    Even with gazillions of dollars worth of special effects and other modern television production conveniences, it is hard to match the originality of The Twilight Zone. This show was also a launching pad for many of our best actors, and many of the various show plots have been "borrowed" by countless subsequent TV shows and films. I am glad to see that this show is doing well in rerun and marathon land, giving younger viewers a chance to see what great writing and original thoughs can accomplish. In my opinion, this was THE best show from its era. Certainly the shows are timeless, and as fun to watch today, as when they first came out. You go Rod!
  • You are now entering a realm of sight and sound. That signpost up ahead: the Twilight Zone. Those words are written in God's book of great TV lines...without a doubt!

    The Twilight Zone is easily one of the most hauntingly clever shows ever deviced by mankind. In all cases, the Twilight Zon never fails to send a chill up one's spine. Whether it's in the form of seeing one man's life fall apart when his glasses break or seeing a camera that can fortell the future...or even a street driven to destroy one another because of some malevolent aliens, the Twilight Zone is the greatest series EVER!!!

    For one thing, each episode has music that is eerie and haunting, just what is necessary to send chills and thrills up one's spine. By seeing one episode, you want more. After the moon risies, what happened in every episode you saw seems to mount upon your soul, and drags you under your pitiful covers to dwell upon what you've seen..

    For another reason, it isn't the concepts of the episodes that haunt people. In fact, the concepts, at multiple times, are laughable! However, it's the acting that really gets to you. That and the music are the strong points here.

    However, the series is simply too short. That is its downfall. In fact, you would love to see this series last for a order to satisfy you hunger for classic horor...

    You are now entering a realm beyond sight and sound. A fith deminsion of the imagination. That signpost up ahead: the end of this review.
  • One of the best anthologies on television. Paved the way of many many shows. Stories were elaborate, yet sometimes repetitive. But it never gets old on the twilight zone.

    One of the best anthologies on television. Paved the way of many many shows. Stories were elaborate, yet sometimes repetitive. But it never gets old on the twilight zone. Makes you think now, but what about back then? Must hasve been a treat for them a long time ago. Rod sterling's emmy-worthy stories are fantastic.
  • A Classic!

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