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  • A Classic Show

    I love The Twilight Zone, so many episodes are so good. Some of my favorite episodes are "The Howling Man", "Nightmare At 20,000 Feet", and "Where Is Everbody?". The Twilight Zone is definitley a classic show. Each episode is usually science fiction/horror/fantasy or something of that sort. But anyways, every episode is good and it is one of the best shows I have ever watched, although its long before my time, it is still a great show.
  • Great show!

    This show still brings suspense to many people. This show has been around for ages and it is still entertaining. If youre in the mood for some classic Sci-Fi shows, this is the show for you! Definitley watch this show whenever you have the chance! It is one of my personal favorites!
  • One of the Best

    The Twilight Zone was way before my time (i'm 17) so the fact that someone my age would love this show so much shows that it has stood the test of time. A lot of concepts and ideas that we see today in the sci-fi genre or some others were originated on The Twilight Zone. There are so many good episodes. Like any other series there might be a few episodes that weren't as good as others but even the few episodes that weren't as good are still very watchable and entertaining.
  • Spooky and exilarating!

    I didn't get interested in the show until my teen years when I started being allowed to stay up later. I love seeing actors who got their start there.

    I have the first two volumes of the show and I love to wait until a stormy night, turn the lights out and watch little Billy control his whole town or observe some other weird genious of Rod Serling. I'm not a science fiction person in the slightest, but the Twilight Zone is definitely one entertaining exception.
  • One of the most original and ground-breaking shows in telivision history.

    This is a television classic. It is far ahead of it's time. In each episode, there is a major plot twist that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This show rarely had a miss. I recommend this show to everyone. It is highly underappreciated. Some episodes that stand out are "Time Enough At Last" (my personal favorite), "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet", "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street", "It's a Good Life", and "Eye of the Beholder". Everyone should at least try watching this show. It is an absolute classic that anyone would enjoy, even now, 40 years later.
  • One of the best shows ever on television.

    Rod Serling was a master. He managed to create a show which was eerie, fascinating and thought-provoking. By his own admission, 1/3 of the shows were excellent, 1/3 were mediocre and 1/3 were terrible, but even the terrible ones were interesting to watch. Many actors and writers got breaks due to shows like the original Twilight Zone.

    Mr. Serling is sorely missed in today's bland, flashy, non-content era of television.
  • Exercises the brain and invites the viewers to help to solve or to understand the meaning of what they're watching.

    This ubelievably, believable show makes us all explore the possibilities and tries to give explanations to the unknown in the world. This show makes you think, opens the mind to whats out there. Both exciting, and scary.... no matter the reason, its amazing. There is no other show that can ever live up to the viewers expectations. This show is a personal favorite. It paved the way for many other shows, mostly scifi. It exercises the brain and makes you think twice about something. This show is truely one of a kind.
  • This rates as one of tv\'s greatest shows - a classic.

    What I love about the original Twilight Zone is that there was usually some unexpected twist. It was usually thought provoking. The show grabbed your attention and you remembered it. Even today when I think of all the terrorist nonsense I recall the episode of Monsters on Maple Street and how easy it is to make someone else the enemy. Rod Sterling was a gifted writer and his contribution will always be remembered in tv history. Even in his time there was objection to the moral theme of the show\'s episodes and he was taking a big risk but fortunately the show was very popular. I wish there were more shows like this now. Science fiction does not have to degenerate into horror tv like it tends to do these days.
  • It's just a classic, what more could I say?

    Even through two reincarnations (both done in full color), this is the original that I keep coming back to for more. I fell totally in love with The Twilight Zone when I was a sophomore in high school. The first episode I ever saw was Eye of the Beholder and it seemed to stick. I wanted to see another episode that same day. Luckily that same year, I got to see To Serve Man and I just loved the twist at the end. Ever since those moments in sophomore English, I have wanted to see more of the series, and I have.
  • The original SCI-FI show that launced a generation of great shows and movies like Star Trek and many others.

    This show never, ever gets old. I watch it every chance I get which is usually on the holidays on Sci-Fi channel. The 80\'s and current remakes are horrible and the current one should be cancelled. This has been a favorite show of mine for a long time! You should definately watch this show when you get the chance!
  • To this day, it still is the show that best personified the element of suspense.

    I watched the new Twilight Zone the other day and I couldn't believe how crappy and unoriginal it was. There was absolutely no suspense at all and I sat there in bewildered boredom for the full 30 minutes.

    The original, however, was much different. Some of the episodes were downright freaky, but most were at the very least interesting. The masks they sometimes had people wear are STILL some of the freakiest that I've seen on the screen, whether it be TV or movies. The theme song was great in its simplicity but it really set the mood for the entire show.

    My favorite episode was the "how to serve man" one. I just loved the ending, as the guy is getting on the alien's spaceship, thinking that the aliens want to serve his every need, a guy comes and informs him that "serve" in this instance means a cookbook. What a great show.
  • This is genius, very fun, very intellegent... jut pure genius

    I love this show. Serling is one of the geniuses of our time, he took TV when it was a newer idea,and created a classic. He didnt have all of that high tech stuff we have now, yet he cereated a show that is better than most any show that uses that stuff. He is the father of Sci-Fi. Some of the most enjoyable times I have is when it's a Sunday, I have nothing to do, and there is a twilight zone marathon on..... Good times, good times.
  • Freaky, but I couldn't help watching...

    I remember as a kid I couldn't stand it when my sister wanted to watch this show, because I knew it would freak me out. Everything about it freaked me out, from the freaky-calm-suave Rod Sterling (who should be screaming and running away) to the freaky black-and-whiteness of the show, even the freaky swirling vortex intro montage, I was just too young to be watching this stuff. And yet I did. And in the midst of my terror, knowing I was going to be freaked out the rest of the day, I enjoyed it. Anything that could keep me glued to my chair while every quaking fiber in my body was tearing itself to shreds must be good.
  • The Twilight Zone was a truly great show whose influence can be seen even to this very day.

    Rod Sterling's "Twilight Zone" is a show that featured numerous different guest actors starring in stories that ranged from terrifying to thought-provoking, to even humorous.

    The episodes were each pretty unique with respects to one another, and almost all of them managed to be superb. It's amazing that even to this day, you can see some of the plotlines from the show recycled in various other series and movies.

    Some of the more memorable episodes include "Living Doll," which features Talking Tina, a doll who comes to life and tries to kill a man (decades before Chucky ever did it), "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet," which stars William Shatner, and "The Eye of the Beholder," which really shows us just how subjective beauty is.

    Luckily, this show can still be seen frequently on the air, most likely on the Sci-Fi Channel. If you've missed it, you definitely owe it to yourself to watch.
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