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  • Despite the fact that many Twilight Zone fans rate this as a weak link in the series, I must disagree. It has many funny moments. It is supposed to be satirical, and the episode does it well.

    I will admit that it is not necessarily one of the best episodes of the Twilight Zone. The magic of this series lies in the fact that each and every episode was different. Some deal with the end of the world or the injustices of society. This episode is meant to be satirical and in this respect it delivers in spades. This is not an episode that delves deeply into the psychie of man and/or his plight in the world. Although I was not alive at the time this episode was created and aired, I have seen some truely awful westerns from the 1960\'s. This episode marks everything that was wrong with the spaghetti westerns. More recent western-themed movies such as Young Guns and Tombstone only further point out the deficiencies of some of the truely awful westerns of the 60\'s.
    I would rate this as one of the funnier episodes of the Twilight Zone. Take it for what is, avoid any deeper analysis.
  • Who said it was fake?

    The Twilight zone exists! Many people just watch the show because they like to freak themselves out, but I watch it because I have been there. During my visit to the twilight zone I had nothing. There were no people, food, plants, animals, bugs, and anything else. The next day I woke in my bed. Apparantly I had forgotten my medication so that was my way of getting into the Twilight Zone. So my visit has made this show a personal favorite. Maybe Ron Stewert has been in the Twilight Zone before, I'll have to go to his graveandask.
  • So what if it is old . old rocks.

    I heardmabout this show from a friend named Levi. We were sharing opinions about shows and then the catagory fell under shows that were underappricated. We promised each other we would watch each others show that we felt were underappricated. So I watched., I liked, I reviewed . Oh by the way in America on the scifi a show that is underappricated is Doctor Who.It is the mosst popular show to the Brits in England. Give it a chance. THe twilight zone is awesome. So what if it is old . old rocks. I love scifi so much it is awesome it really is on scifi it comes on as marathons.
  • To this day, it still is the show that best personified the element of suspense.

    I watched the new Twilight Zone the other day and I couldn't believe how crappy and unoriginal it was. There was absolutely no suspense at all and I sat there in bewildered boredom for the full 30 minutes.

    The original, however, was much different. Some of the episodes were downright freaky, but most were at the very least interesting. The masks they sometimes had people wear are STILL some of the freakiest that I've seen on the screen, whether it be TV or movies. The theme song was great in its simplicity but it really set the mood for the entire show.

    My favorite episode was the "how to serve man" one. I just loved the ending, as the guy is getting on the alien's spaceship, thinking that the aliens want to serve his every need, a guy comes and informs him that "serve" in this instance means a cookbook. What a great show.
  • Get ready to enter another dimension!

    The Twilight Zone had the ability to make a person think. It wasn't just mindless entertainment. Some of the episodes scared me senseless when I was young. Other stories inspired me to use my imagination on the playground. Rod Serling was certainly a gifted writer-too bad we lost him at such a young age.

    Most of the stories had a message to get across (usually commented on at the end by Mr. Serling himself). I remember asking myself, "What would I do in that situation? What if…."

    And so we had the thinking person's series that was also very entertaining. A rare combination in any age.
  • You are heading into another dimension............

    The Twilight Zone is show that can't be forgotten, once you've seen it, you don't forget about it. Twilight Zone also taught good morals too.

    Twilight Zone is simply a classic, and even today, it is great to watch. One episode I found Scary was the doll one,
    the one where the guy dies in the end because he fell down the stairs. Some episode are very creepy I must admit, and if I saw that same episode today I would feel chills up my spine. Twilight Zone is a great show, and It's still on the air too! That's my review, thanks for reading. -anderson587
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  • Basically the origin of sci fi greatness

    Though I do admit on some episodes the human drama and regularity parts bore me. First 7 ep, 17 various ep (2011, 13-14, July 2015) Ventura Ave Library, Sci-Fi, UTube, Crackle
  • A show that was definately ahead of it's time!

    My interest in the Twilight Zone began nearly a year ago when my husband and I watched the marathon on the Sci-Fi channel during the New Year's holiday. I only remember seeing one episode back in high school years ago which was " A kind of stopwatch" where the guy could pause the going ons in the world when he presses the button on the watch. Back then, I thought that episode was pretty cool but because it was in black & white, way ahead of my time, I never gave it much thought to watch the rest of the episodes during its re-run.

    Now fast forward 15 years later, I was really impressed with some of the other episodes that I got a chance to see and soon afterwards, I was on the internet ordering volumes of the series to add to my DVD collection that's how good it still is today. Though some episodes are better than others. To me, today's modern television is just a waste of time, with all these so called reality shows. Back in the 60's and 70's, TV was the place to be with these type of underated television show.
  • classic.

    it's a good show, with the old music, and the episodes are off the wall crazy ideas in every episode the host that explains it in the beginning and the cool and crazy plot's to the old episodes like radio that picked up things in past as to the radio broadcast it is the present, or a man that just want's to read and his wife won't let him and he can't read at his so he goes in to the vault of the bank that he works and while he's in there a big bomb goes off kills everybody and he's the only person alive so now he can read so he goes to the destroyed library and gathers books and he wears glasses because he can't see without them and the only thing that will keep him occupied is reading but when he's carrying books down some stairs he trips and falls and breaks his glasses and that's just an example of the crazy story's in every episode, it's a good show.
  • "Still gives me the creeps.."

    The first time I watched the show I was surprised by the setting which is like 1960's. I was just able to watch 4 to 5 episodes of it in our country because it was shown so late in the evening... I mean, midnight... and usually at the time I am all alone watching tv...

    I must admit that it gave me creeps... Just a little short I think on the stories but to think that the people already thought of something like that at those time and be able to execute it really well is so fantastic...And the stories can still be applied these days I think...

    And the music, oh my gosh...
  • Wow, I never knew this show was that old.

    I believe the first time I saw this show was 5-7 years ago, but just a week ago - I saw some more episodes randomly on Tv - I didn't really take much notice there either. But, when I now, see it here on, listing it's airing years - I'm just simply amazed. Wow, just, wow! This show was sure ahead of it's time when it was made.

    This show most certainly hasn't lacked anything that I would want in a tv series today - well alright, It isn't my favorite show - but it sure is good. And I've seen shows made worse today, than this was back then. It possibly doesn't have cutting edge technology graphical effects, but the storyline and acting was brilliant in the few episodes I saw a week ago - and most certainly the ones I saw a few years ago.

    I would always have thought this show was made in the 1990's or 1980's at the very least, boy was I wrong.
  • I'm 17!

    .... and never saw more than 2 or 3 shows of it

    but the reason i want to give a shout out to this show is because of it's concept.

    i like the way it tell the story that sometimes make wonfering and freak you out.

    this one the classics..

    i love it Man!
  • good show!

    I have watched all season 1 and most of seasons 2-5 it was ana mazing show for its time and enjoyable by all The monochrome makes it suspenseful along with the old camera techniques The new year marathns on sci-fi are good but dont have all the episodes. 10 / 10
  • One of those shows that defies description. While it had its share of bad episodes, it was still a winner.

    The Twilight Zone was a show that defied category. It tried its hand at many different styles of storytelling, suspense, horror, drama, even comedy (although the latter usually fell flat). It's one of those programs that holds up even though more than 40 years have gone by since it first debuted. What can account for its longevity? It might be the scripts, penned by writers such as Richard Matheson, Charles Beaumont, Earl Hammer Jr. (of Waltons fame), and Rod Serling himself, which never ended up quite where you thought they might. It might have been the performances turned in by actors like Burgess Meredith, a young Robert Redford, and an even younger Bill Mumy. It might be the episodes like "Time Enough at Last" or "It's a Good Life", which have seeped into popular culture in some way. I'd like to think it was all of those things...and perhaps something else, some charm that defies explanation. A word for it may be found...but only in the Twilight Zone.
  • Classic show with great stories

    this is a classic show. i recently watched a marathon and became addicted. It has the greatest stories that were meant to be brian teasers. however, this was back in the fifties. Now, these shows are comical to watch and look back at the older generations idea of scary shows. i absolutely love the host too. he makes the show worth watching with his elaborate metaphors. "a pawn in the chess game we call life on the table in the living room of the universe." Hillarious.
  • the twilight zone is scary. I love this show. it is unpredictable.

    The twilight zone is an old but clasic and unpredictable show. Its fun to watch this. I think it could mabey be fixed up by our current tecnology. Then it would dbe amazing simply amazing. There should be more people to watch this. It could be made the best suspence show in the world. A clasical show with unexpected things in it. I love its endings. This show = ausume. So to just break it down this show was great by Owwwww my head crashed into the door. Alright I'll do it right this time Youdude 123 outof here man.
  • Wow.

    Can't get enough of this show either. Love the black and white first of all and my daughter has gotten hooked on this as well. There were some episodes that scared the bejeebers outta me, I gotta tell ya. Overall, there was a sense of storytelling that no show has been able to capture other than Amazing Stories. The newer episodes had a hard act to follow altough they seemed to be a lot of remakes of the originals
  • Classic

    It's a classic syfi needs to show it more.
  • one word classic

    The twilight zone has so many classic episodes. Each episode has twist or has a concept you will think about. These episodes especially the good ones stick in your mind. Some episodes I havent seen in years I still think about every once in a while.Rod serling really worked hard on this show. Most episodes have a guest star (considered rising stars at the time but superstars now a days). This show has been parodied and imitated for years but never equalled.Dont get this confused with the 80's or 2000's twilight zones.
    You can catch this show on holidays they have marathons on the 4th of july and other holidays or around 1 or 5 am on the scifi channel. There are a few bad episodes but .... this show is great
  • it was freaky

    this show i think is good because you wonder and you sometimes wish you can experience the same thing. i like the guy that would talk and talk in a way that you almost get scared by but it helps brings you in to watch what happens in the episode and that's why people like this show.the theme song is good i love copying it but i cant master it. what is upsetting that today's show steals the ideas and then change 1 or 2 things so it can be their idea so sad for this show. it should be credited for coming up with these ideas. i for one clap!clap!clap!
  • The Twilight Zone was a sci-fi show that often had a special lesson in each episode.

    The first Twilight Zone was in 1959 which was hosted by Rod Serling until it was cancelled in 1964. I hope to see a newer series come back soon. Even though, each new series ends constantly, it will always be a classic. It's hard to say which was my favorite episode in the first series, but I guess it would be The Eye of the Beholder. I would definately say The Twilight is one of my favorite shows. Although, they're aren't going to be a new series anytime soon, I can still watch the reruns from the past Twilight Zone shows.
  • I watch it when it's on

    I watch it when it's on, if i happen to catch it i'll watch. I actually havn't seen the recent ones because I dont' know when their on. But i loved watching the old black and white episodes and their plot twists. So many shows now a day spoof it so it's good to know which episdoes their spoofing.
  • A Mind Dazzler

    I got into the classic show a couple years ago and ended up owning all the episodes within one year. I am truly a mystery lover, and this being in B&W is REALLY awesome.

    I like the first season; those episodes always seemed to be more mysterious than the other 4 seasons. I also liked it when they did 1-hour shows and don't understand why Rod Serling went back to 30 minutes in the 5th season. I love that extra 30 minutes of the story line and wished the entire series was 1-hour. But either way, this is a good show and even though I'll watch an episode over and over, I still discover something interesting.
  • Never the same journey twice

    The Twilight Zone is one of my personal favorites due to the fact that Rod Serling had created a show with such unusual tales that can vary from satire to social commentary, all with either a fantasy or a sci-fi twist.

    Even though some of the shows might seem a tad dated or just hokey, they still entertain in ways that no present-day show can hope to attain.

    Rod Serling (& his cadre of talented writers) has left us a legacy & i have been a fan since i first saw an episode (oddly enough) during a rain delay on a Cubs game back in the 1970's on Chicago TV.

    Always will be a wondrous journey whose boundaries are that of the imagination.
  • Great show!

    This show still brings suspense to many people. This show has been around for ages and it is still entertaining. If youre in the mood for some classic Sci-Fi shows, this is the show for you! Definitley watch this show whenever you have the chance! It is one of my personal favorites!
  • Spooky and exilarating!

    I didn't get interested in the show until my teen years when I started being allowed to stay up later. I love seeing actors who got their start there.

    I have the first two volumes of the show and I love to wait until a stormy night, turn the lights out and watch little Billy control his whole town or observe some other weird genious of Rod Serling. I'm not a science fiction person in the slightest, but the Twilight Zone is definitely one entertaining exception.
  • A very thought provoking show.

    This show is waaaaay before my time, but I can appreciate good entertainment when I see it. The Twilight Zone opens your mind to other things that were beyond your scope of imagination. It\'s definetely a show watching, I have recommended it to all my friends and they just love it. Parents tell their kids about these awesome shows back then, but the kids think just because it\'s before they were born means its boring. This is coming from a kid herself, so I\'m not insulting anyone. You should definetely watch this show, you will probably learn something from it.
  • One of the all time best

    ' Twilight Zone ' is one of those timeless classics that will live on a long time. Their has not been a time over the last 20 years that I have not made an attempt to sit down and watch at least part of a ' Twilight Zone ' marathon be it on a station such as KTLA in Los Angeles or on Sci-Fi.
    The shows were simple and lacked real special effects but manage to draw you in and maybe even run a chills up your spine. It is amazing watching these episodes today how many giants of Hollywood actually got their start from starring in a ' Twilight Zone ' episode or how many episodes you might actually remember by heart. 'Twilight Zone ' is a show that should not be missed and one that should be enjoyed with the younger generations as classic TV does not require to be in color or contain fancy special effects.
  • A classic TV series that had a different story every week.

    I love this series and watch it on the Sci-Fi channel when I can. Rod Serling is one of the great writing geniuses of our time. He took TV when it was still pretty new and came up with something totally different. He didnt have all of that high tech computers and digital manipulation that the people of today have and yet nobody can make a show as good as this. He is one of the founding fathers of Sci-Fi in my opinion along with Gene Rodenberry and Isac Asmov. I love it on holidays when they run a twilight zone marathon and I can just watch it all day. This would be a good one to buy on DVD if it is available. I still will watch the new versions of twilight zone and outer limits, but neither one is as good as the original. His Night Gallery was great too.
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