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  • What works better than my imagination? Rod Serling's imagination.

    It is saturday night and there is nothing out there to do so I sit on the couch zapping through the tv grid, when suddenly, I am impacted by the black and white tones of a show. My first thought is: What is this old program doing here? but that doesnt stop me from getting minute after minute deeper into the dark and twisted corners of the Twilizght Zone. For 30 minutes every saturday night all my problems seemed to fade away, homework, chores, everyday issues vanished magicaly under the semitones of this work of art. Everything about this show I love, the acting, the stories, and above all, that enchanting and magical energy that this show, unlike no other, spells from its depths. Maybe the show is terrible for others but for me it is a show that takes me to a different place, a different universe, every time i taste its delicious flavors.

    What can I say which has not already been said? Rod Serling was genius! This show was fantastic. Yes there were a few stories that left something to be desired (and did not appear to fit into the meme of the show) on balance I will gladly take the whole of this series to a lot of what is out there today.

    Not only did Serling and Co. frighten you at times, they also made you think about your internal and external environment. As Mr. Serling himself stated in the introduction to the show:

    "There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call 'The Twilight Zone'."

    This perfect encapsulates the mood of the show.
  • The Twilight Zone was a truly great show whose influence can be seen even to this very day.

    Rod Sterling's "Twilight Zone" is a show that featured numerous different guest actors starring in stories that ranged from terrifying to thought-provoking, to even humorous.

    The episodes were each pretty unique with respects to one another, and almost all of them managed to be superb. It's amazing that even to this day, you can see some of the plotlines from the show recycled in various other series and movies.

    Some of the more memorable episodes include "Living Doll," which features Talking Tina, a doll who comes to life and tries to kill a man (decades before Chucky ever did it), "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet," which stars William Shatner, and "The Eye of the Beholder," which really shows us just how subjective beauty is.

    Luckily, this show can still be seen frequently on the air, most likely on the Sci-Fi Channel. If you've missed it, you definitely owe it to yourself to watch.
  • Freaky, but I couldn't help watching...

    I remember as a kid I couldn't stand it when my sister wanted to watch this show, because I knew it would freak me out. Everything about it freaked me out, from the freaky-calm-suave Rod Sterling (who should be screaming and running away) to the freaky black-and-whiteness of the show, even the freaky swirling vortex intro montage, I was just too young to be watching this stuff. And yet I did. And in the midst of my terror, knowing I was going to be freaked out the rest of the day, I enjoyed it. Anything that could keep me glued to my chair while every quaking fiber in my body was tearing itself to shreds must be good.
  • This is genius, very fun, very intellegent... jut pure genius

    I love this show. Serling is one of the geniuses of our time, he took TV when it was a newer idea,and created a classic. He didnt have all of that high tech stuff we have now, yet he cereated a show that is better than most any show that uses that stuff. He is the father of Sci-Fi. Some of the most enjoyable times I have is when it's a Sunday, I have nothing to do, and there is a twilight zone marathon on..... Good times, good times.
  • mesmerising soulful unmatched really make u feel the 5th dimmension....

    evry episode is top notch n perhaps yo'll find many movies based on such single episodes in many diffferent 20 ODD MINUTES MAKES U FEEL IN A BLACK AND WHITE 4:3 RESOUTION WHAT I BET IS UNMATCHED IN EVEN TODAYS 3D'S... NO ONE CAN HATE THIS SHOW....
  • youve just crossed into the twilight zone

    this is a materpiece and i think the greatest show of all time. the show premiered in 1959 and it ended on 1964, it had 5 amazing seasons. after it ended in 1983 they made the movie which for me was decent though dissapointing because the only original segment was the first and the other 3 were based off of episodes from the show. i wish they couldve all been original ones. then their was 2 reboots i havent seen the 1980s one yet, i saw the one in 2003 and i hated it. so theres some history about the show for you and why it is so great because every episode tells a tale about time travel, things from other worlds, morels and more. if your a fan of scifi things and havent seen the twilight zone then your not a scifi fan.
  • This is, without a doubt, the best show in black-and-white. The twists and thought provoking tales from each episode is superb.

    The Twillight Zone pushes the envelope for sci-fi shows. It makes it so that others need to try harder and harder just to come close to its amazing plots. Each episode is its own tale, but still relate to each other through the Twillight Zone. If you ask me, I don't think it would be as good if it were in color. The colorless theme gives it that extra sense of confusion. Even if they decide to make new episodes it should be in balck-and-white. This show will keep you on the edge of your sit and never cease to amaze.
  • One of the best shows ever on television.

    Rod Serling was a master. He managed to create a show which was eerie, fascinating and thought-provoking. By his own admission, 1/3 of the shows were excellent, 1/3 were mediocre and 1/3 were terrible, but even the terrible ones were interesting to watch. Many actors and writers got breaks due to shows like the original Twilight Zone.

    Mr. Serling is sorely missed in today's bland, flashy, non-content era of television.
  • Quite possibly the best show of its kind..

    The Twilight Zone has been remade, copied, and put on the big screen, but nothing can match the original for sheer quality.
    The show owes its success largely due to a brilliant team of writers, including Richard Matheson (who wrote the famous wing gremlin episode), Charles Beaumont, and, of course, Rod Serling himself. Be they morality plays, sci-fi speculations, or just spooky tales of horror, the TZ stories stick out in one's mind-the previously mentioned wing gremlin episode, the woman being stalked by miniature invaders, the suburban neighborhood being turned into a cauldron of violence and paranoia by the prospect of an alien invasion-very few episodes are easily forgotten.
    The cinemotography is crisp and clean, and the effects-though hokey looking nowadays-serve to move the story forward well enough. Finally, mention must be made of Serling's narration. The show wouldn't have been the same without it.

    Sure, one can gripe that not all the episodes were up to par, but the good episodes are amazing, and the bad episodes tend to be, at worst, forgettable.
  • amazing the best show ever made

    the twilight zone is the best shows ever made. the episodes are suspenseful they have to do with time travel, paranormal things and more. every episode is interesting and theres different charaters every episode. the show ran from October 1, 1959 to June 1, 1964 and people are still watching it today because of how amazing the show was.
    the twilight zone is the best shows ever made. the episodes are suspenseful they have to do with time travel, paranormal things and more. every episode is interesting and theres different charaters every episode. the show ran from October 1, 1959 to June 1, 1964 and people are still watching it today because of how amazing the show was.
  • Even though not every episode is a winner, the clear victor of meaningful and emotionally-relating television is "The Twilight Zone."

    Back when television was something watch in the evenings of after long and hard days of work, families just wanted to get together to watch some interesting programs on their analog television sets. Although I'm far too young to have known exactly what the excitement was to hear the opening theme of The Twilight Zone on Sunday evenings, I feel to this day that the same haunting theme rings in the minds of many who are giving the time to listen.

    The concept of Rod Serling's Twilight Zone series is to take normal human strife and problems, and to mix supernatural events to make the whole thing interesting. Each episode lasts for 30 minutes, and it was usually only 30 minutes each night for each new episode. A total of 156 episodes were produced, and even though the original essence of The Twilight Zone were attempted to be re-captured in the future, none have come close to Rod Serling's ingenious original.

    What makes The Twilight Zone the greatest show that was on television is not only the sentimental value I carry with it from watching the "days of old" episodes with my folks, but what it truly conveys all in itself. Human beings are selfish creatures that show such primitive and evil behavior inside, while also exerting clarity and warm-hearting kindness that reached universal levels. And, in essence, that is The Twilight Zone. It simply shows the true meanings of human beings and how very relating we can be to these episodes. Many of the episodes found in the series are dark-themed and depressing, while others are uplifting and sometimes witty. The chilling effects from camera angles, acting, eery music, and black and white picture all come together to bring out the meanings behind each episode.

    While all of this sounds wonderful, not every episode is a winner, and some can seem like wastes of time, but by looking past the very few duds in the series, we can truly look at what we really are as human beings. Seen from different perspectives of normal, every-day people, deep morals reach the audience unlike any show has done before. The Twilight Zone is beautiful, artistic work that still offers appreciation for those that are looking.
  • The Twilight Zone will always be a classic.

    Even though this show was way before I was born, I love it. It makes me wonder if some of these episodes could be true. The theme song is awesome! My favorite episode will always be "Time Enough At Last" starring Batman star Burgess Meredith, one was born in the state I currently live in, Ohio. My other favorite episode is the one where the lady sees her double from another dimension at the bus stop. Those two will always be remembered. This year, I am going to try to make it to the Twilight Zone convention. I haven't met any of the stars yet and this is supposed to be the last convention, because they can't get any people to come besides the ones they have every year.
  • The best show that has ever been and ever will be on television.

    The Twilight Zone is my favorite show ever. It is the most original show I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Rod Serling is possibly the greatest writer that ever lived. I love watching the Twilight Zone. We have every episode on DVD at my house so I always enjoy watching them. My favorite episode is The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street. The ending just really blew my mind. And it sent out such a powerful message. Most every episode did send out a good message. That was another thing I liked about the show. My favorite episodes were the ones that dealt with aliens and time travel . They were always very good. The Twilight Zone is the best show that has ever been and will ever be on television.
  • The Twilight Zone is a classic show created by the genuis himself, Rod Serling. This show proved to go where no other show had gone before. It made you think about the supernatural and the unknown.

    The Twilight Zone was a unusual show for its time. This was no ordinary drama or mystery series. When I first saw the Twilight Zone, I was kind of afraid. Some of the episodes were errie and strange, but it made you think about things that could happen. Like the episode of the Midnight Sun for example. What happenend if the Sun was coming close to the earth. This show gave you that pressure and intensity as if you were right there in the episode with the characters. The stories were wrote out so well and there was a type of mood and atmosphere in each story that brung it to life. I am so glad to own these episodes on DVD now, because they have a lot of meaning and made you wonder about the unknown.
  • You have entered........the Twilight Zone.

    It's old, but it's still good. Okay, the black and white may make it seem a little cheesy, but this was made in the 60s. Give it some credit. If they produced this show with all the stuff we have now, it wouldn't seem that way. Personally, the black and white just reminds me that old isn't as bad as everybody thinks. That stuff made almost 50 years ago can be awesome.
    I'll admit, some of the episodes aren't that creepy, but the others will give you chills.
    The good thing about this show is that it's different every time. It's not all just about one person. No, that would be boring. Instead, we get a show that features a different person in a different situation every episode. All the episodes are very different, but you can still feel a link between them.

    The Twilight Zone is a classic. Period.
  • wow

    Twilight Zone is my personal favorite.I can watch all episodes repeatedly and never bore of them.I use my Anthrology book to track the episodes which includes summaries from the man himself,Rod Serling.His work is always be ahead of its time & timeless.

    Rod Serling was a true genius to present such timeless work that is as relevant today as it was when he presented it. The Twilgiht Zone episodes all deal with timeless issues that will always ponder, intrigue, challenge, and shape mankind. The morals and characters of human and how they play out against the backdrop of varying issues faced in our day to day lives are univeral, ongoing, and constant. Rod Serling was philosopical in his approach to writing and keeping these humane issues ever present.

  • A wonderful collection of stories.

    This is one of the few shows in science fiction that I take the time to watch. I've been watching this show since I was too young to watch it. There are episodes which can scare even adults and there are episodes that leave you to think. The variety of episodes has always amazed me and have even had classes in school that had lessons based on certain episodes. This show came and went long before I was born but I loved watching it in syndication on the Sci-Fi channel with my family. I thought it was funny that we would watch this show as a family but that's what this series was capable of. It was a masterpiece of its time and continues to draw an audience. This is one show that I hope never gets taken off the air.
  • Twilight Zone celebs doing Nostalgia Con in Maryland

    If you get out there and do the convention circuit, you'll find quite a few actors who appeared on The Twilight Zone. It's fun to pick their brain about the experience whenever the opportunity presents itself. I'll have a chance to do that with three actors, Josip Elic, Veronica Cartwright, and Piper Laurie at the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention in Hunt Valley, Sept. 18-20.

    Josip Elic - The Obsolete Man (Screening at the con as well)

    Veronica Cartwright - I Sing the Body Electric


    Piper Laurie appeared in a segment called The Burning Man on the series in the 80s. That counts, right?

  • One of the Staples

    This is by far the best of the horror/mystery genre. A good question would be "Who does not like The Twilight Zone?"
  • living in the twilight

    this show is the perfect convination of mind games and mistery on a program its some thing that realy gets me thinking at night are we in the twilight zone?
  • The one the greatest science fiction TV shows ever produced.

    The Twilght Zone is by far the greatest masterpeice Rod Serling ever produced and directed, and that is saying a lot. It was not very much on special effects, but it gave thought provcking stories that set trends to future science fiction TV shows such as Star Trek. I never get tired of watching the episodes of this great program because they ranged from science fiction to fantasy to horror to suspence, and they ranged from horror to drama to comedy. I just have to admit that The Twilight Zone is one of the greatest science fiction programs that was ever made.
  • It's hard to describe such a television masterpiece.

    Wow, this show is utterly amazing! Rod Serling is one of the greatest science fiction writers of all time, and so is Charles Beaumont! "The Twilight Zone" has timeless stories about morality that are just as applicable today as they were in the early 1960s. Another part of it's charm is how Rod announces it everyday, which is usually hilarious because of his strange way of talking. I swear, he must be from outer space. No human could come up with such great ideas. Rod's favorite themes in The T-Zone seem to be space exploration, isolation and war. It's impossible to pick a favorite episode of "The Twilight Zone" since so many are memorable and amazing, but here are a few:

    1. "Eye of the Beholder" - Woman gets plastic surgery to be "normal".
    2. "A Stop at Willoughby" - Man escapes to a magical town called Willoughby.
    3. "The After Hours" - Woman discovers that she is a mannequinn.
    4. "Five Characters in Search of an Exit" - An army man, a clown, a hobo, a ballerina and a bagpipe player try to escape an enclosed area.
    5. "Miniature" - A man becomes obsessed with a doll that he believes is alive.
    6. "The New Exhibit" - Chaos ensures after a man brings home wax figures based off famous murderers.
    7. "Number 12 Looks Just Like You" - In the future, you must "transform" your body to look more like a supermodel (which is scarily happening now).
    8. "It's a Good Life" - It's really good that I think this episode is good, it really is!
    9. "The Masks" - A family wears the masks of who they truly are.
    10. "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" - A suburban town loses all control when the power goes out.
    11. "Twenty-Two" - A psychological patient has a recurring nightmare about room 22.
    12. "Perhance to Dream" - A man thinks that if he falls asleep, he'll die.

    Rod Serling, you rule!
  • My favorite show of all time!

    The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery are the two greatest television shows of all time. Rod Serling was a genius. My favorite episodes are "The Hunt" and "Jess-Belle". I have the complete definitive collection and I would just watch every episode over and over again and I would never get tired of it. Every time the syfy channel has Twilight Zone marathons for Christmas, New Years, and Independence Day I would get so exited and I would not leave the house until it ended. I love this show, nothing will ever compares to the excellency that is The Twilight Zone.
  • A Timeless, Classic.

    When Writing Meant Something,
    Before Corporate Totally Eliminated It.
    There was The Twilight Zone.
    Quite possibly the best television show to ever grace our screens & penetrate our lives.

    Every episode is not a 10.
    There are smatterings of mediocrity, but they are few & far between.
    Even then there is an attempt to push the envelope.

    When there are 10's there are 10++'s.
    Episodes that not only entertain, but penetrate deep & camera-work that for it's time & economy is timeless.

    There is a reason it runs every year 2x's a year for 48 hours straight.
    No other show in TV history does.

    I can only repeat what others have said.
    A timeless, classic.
  • DodoDo, DodoDo...

    I love this show!!! ^_^ I've loved it since I was a little girl, and I appreciate it even more now!!! :D And what's better, they have a marathon every year on my birthday (Dec. 31)! My favorite episode has to either be A Stop At Willoughby, or that one episode where the Earth gets closer and closer to the sun, until everyone dies, then the Earth gets farther and farther from the sun until the remaining people freeze to death. But seriously, if you don't watch this show, you should seriously consider it. It'sreally amazing, and every episode has an exciting twist.
  • I wanted my Bottom Line to be F'ing Awesome" but they didn't have that option. My goal is to watch every single one. Not in a row.

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  • This is one of the best Science Fiction shows that has been made.

    This show has nothing wrong with it. It is like one long book with many short stories. If anyone that reads this loves good sci-fi stories read a Ray Bradbury book. May I suggest The illistrated man. It is a collection of stories alot like the twilight zone. The only thing missing is Rod Sterling. I have seen many episodes and so far my favorite one is The Mask. It is about a sick millionare that makes his heirs where masks that show their true nature. To be honest this is the only Twilight zone series for me. The others are just cheap knock offs.
  • The Anthology series that is still a milestone in the American History of Television. The Stories were based mostly on Supernatural and Mystery but were also grounded on a reality-based fact.

    I Love this Show...!
    The Show explored the countless meaning of life and various aspects and associations of Paranormal with base reality.
    Rod Serling was truly a Genius, none can ever replace his masterpieces.!
    The Show also included many awkward subjected episodes which were totally berserk at that time but now can be fully understood. Aliens, Time Travel and Alternate Realities, All of them were part of Twilight Zone extended mythos!
    I would like to suggest every open-minded man to watch this show, This can definitely change their world, It will change the way they see and feel this Universe! I can Bet on it!
  • The subjects in each episode of the show ranged from many categories: Dimensions, Time Travel, Space Travel, Mind, Humanity, Death, 2nd Chance, Creatures, Enchanted Objects, Machines, Devil/Evil, and Magic...

    The Twilight Zone was and is one of the best programs EVER! I grew up watching this show. Even though I've seen all 156 episodes, I continue watching them on Sci Fi channel every weeknight. I admit it is one of my guilty pleasures in life. I even watch the marathons each year when they come on TV. Rod Serling was a masterful storyteller. I even ordered the Complete Definitive Collection on DVD. They sure don't make shows like this anymore. It's a complete shame that they don't too. How could you not give it a perfect 10? The show is a CLASSIC!
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