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  • Even though not every episode is a winner, the clear victor of meaningful and emotionally-relating television is "The Twilight Zone."

    Back when television was something watch in the evenings of after long and hard days of work, families just wanted to get together to watch some interesting programs on their analog television sets. Although I'm far too young to have known exactly what the excitement was to hear the opening theme of The Twilight Zone on Sunday evenings, I feel to this day that the same haunting theme rings in the minds of many who are giving the time to listen.

    The concept of Rod Serling's Twilight Zone series is to take normal human strife and problems, and to mix supernatural events to make the whole thing interesting. Each episode lasts for 30 minutes, and it was usually only 30 minutes each night for each new episode. A total of 156 episodes were produced, and even though the original essence of The Twilight Zone were attempted to be re-captured in the future, none have come close to Rod Serling's ingenious original.

    What makes The Twilight Zone the greatest show that was on television is not only the sentimental value I carry with it from watching the "days of old" episodes with my folks, but what it truly conveys all in itself. Human beings are selfish creatures that show such primitive and evil behavior inside, while also exerting clarity and warm-hearting kindness that reached universal levels. And, in essence, that is The Twilight Zone. It simply shows the true meanings of human beings and how very relating we can be to these episodes. Many of the episodes found in the series are dark-themed and depressing, while others are uplifting and sometimes witty. The chilling effects from camera angles, acting, eery music, and black and white picture all come together to bring out the meanings behind each episode.

    While all of this sounds wonderful, not every episode is a winner, and some can seem like wastes of time, but by looking past the very few duds in the series, we can truly look at what we really are as human beings. Seen from different perspectives of normal, every-day people, deep morals reach the audience unlike any show has done before. The Twilight Zone is beautiful, artistic work that still offers appreciation for those that are looking.
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