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The Twilight Zone

CBS (ended 1964)



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  • Strange Relm

    This is no supprise to anyone, I love this show, it just has an imortal quality that has never died. I've watched this show as a kid and it has taught me a lot as well as one of the inspirations for me to write and I still watch and love this show even today.

    The show is basically a modern day Asops Fables/Brothers Grimm. There are just a lot of qualies about the show but I'll present at least three of them. For one thing cinamatography, it was a good thing this show was made in around the 50's decade, it may have been ahead of it's time but it was made at the right time. The black and white cinamatography really give each tale a very dreamlike senseibilty which make the fantasy world of the Twilight Zone all the more effective and rather believable.

    Second, the show had minimum to no special effects, this show was always more focused and interested in the human condition and issues of morality. Each tale was all about character and what they did and how they felt during each episode. Third, most of the episodes were memorable and from the brilant writing, acting, and direction most of those episodes have litterally became as memorable as eternal literature. Here is a list of ten of my personal favorates.
    Reviews of them in this section.

    1. The Monsters of Maple Street
    2. Time Enough At Last
    3. The Midnight Sun
    4. Five Characters in Search of an Exit
    5. The Howling Man
    6. It's a Good Life
    7. Stop at Willowby
    8. The Masks
    9. Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge
    10. A World of His Own

    And of course over the years there have been at least a couple of revivals (one in the 80's and 90's) but personally in my book both never really measured up very well, they weren't bad but were just not that good. They just seemed to lack those qualities that made the original special, making them come off as almost run on the mill anthology series, their worth a try though at least but I can't gurentee you'll feel at home.

    So, the orginal is the real deal. The Twilight Zone is a place we all love to visit again and again, and will continue to exist for generations and decades to come.
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