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  • Despite the fact that many Twilight Zone fans rate this as a weak link in the series, I must disagree. It has many funny moments. It is supposed to be satirical, and the episode does it well.

    I will admit that it is not necessarily one of the best episodes of the Twilight Zone. The magic of this series lies in the fact that each and every episode was different. Some deal with the end of the world or the injustices of society. This episode is meant to be satirical and in this respect it delivers in spades. This is not an episode that delves deeply into the psychie of man and/or his plight in the world. Although I was not alive at the time this episode was created and aired, I have seen some truely awful westerns from the 1960\'s. This episode marks everything that was wrong with the spaghetti westerns. More recent western-themed movies such as Young Guns and Tombstone only further point out the deficiencies of some of the truely awful westerns of the 60\'s.
    I would rate this as one of the funnier episodes of the Twilight Zone. Take it for what is, avoid any deeper analysis.
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