The Twilight Zone

CBS (ended 1964)





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  • The Twilighted Side Tv Show On Channel 15 and Channel 12 In The City And Greece And Gates in Rochester, N.Y

    The Tv Story Is About This man who gets a job at the Medical Examiners Office Building.
    He begins to examine dead bodies one of the dead bodies is himself, the toe tag has his name on it, the death certificate has his name date of birth and date of death on it. He takes the dead body of himself and he buries it, he then vanishes and he appears laying on the gurney back at the Medical Examiners Office Building. He Then wakes up and gets up and the dead begin to haunt him. And they haunt him. And They haunt him. A Ghost comes out and scares him, a creature comes out and grabs him. A hand comes out and jumps on him and cuts his face with its nails.