The Twilight Zone

Season 5 Episode 21

Spur of the Moment

Aired Unknown Feb 21, 1964 on CBS

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  • As with so many other episodes of The Twilight Zone, this one has a moral lesson that we could all learn from. But, don't read any further if you don't want to know how it comes out.

    In "Spur Of The Moment", Ann is a wealthy heiress who goes out horseback riding, but encounters a frightening looking figure of a woman, clad in black, also on horseback, chasing her. She rushes home, convinced the woman was trying to kill her, not knowing the lady was, in fact, trying to stop her from making a mistake that would result in years of misery. She is comforted by her parents, and by the man who wants to marry her, Robert, a stockbroker, who is approved by her parents. Then David, an impetuous young man, storms in, demanding to see her. After ignoring repeated demands to leave, he finally does so. But not for long. He loves Ann, and she loves him. Fast forward about twenty years into the future, where a miserable and cynical Ann is drinking herself away, with her mother in the house which Ann has inherited, and her husband, her "true love", David, a lazy, inconsiderate jerk who loves only what's left of her money, taunting her. Then, back to the past again, we see Ann and David eloping. Then, again, we see the woman in black, whom we now know to be Ann herself twenty years in the future, again chasing her on horseback, yelling her name, trying desperately to stop her from marrying David. She will keep trying, in vain, because the young Ann will not listen.

    We have all made mistakes that have affected our lives to varying degrees. Perhaps we too have encountered phantoms from the future who, with the benefit of hindsight, are trying to stop us from doing this, or perhaps trying to get us to do that, to save us from misery. And who of us would not like to go back in time to save ourselves from a life-altering mistake or deed, or to persuade us to do something we should do? Ann had that chance, but couldn't capitalize on it.
  • Incredible epsiode!!!!!

    This episode really had it all! A great beggining, a wonderful and rising action middle, and a twist upon a twist in the end! The acting was really done well! This epsiode could not have been better if they tried! Who will Anne chose: Robert, a stock broker who she doesn't know, or David, a romantic, handsome man who she has loved for many years? Her choice will affect her entire life, and change it forever. And who is the woman in black who chases her and nearly runs her down? Watch the episode to find out!Yay yay yay! Go Anne!
  • While taking a leisurly ride on horseback one day, eighteen year-old Anne Marie Henderson spots a screaming woman dressed head to toe in black riding a black horse at the top of a hill. The woman starts to approach Anne. Terrifed, Anne rides off.

    This is not only the face of terror, this is one of the best, and most frightening episodes of "The Twilight Zone" ever. The scene where the mysterious woman in black first appears and screams Anne's name is genuinely terrifying. I was as scared as Anne was when I first saw her. Sadly, I could not give the episode a perfect score because of one flaw: the great aforementioned scene gives away the twist ending. The viewer can easily see who the woman in black really is. Despite that however, this episode is excellent and should not be missed. ANNE!