The Twilight Zone

Season 2 Episode 20


Aired Unknown Mar 10, 1961 on CBS

Episode Recap

At a boardinghouse, Ed Lindsay berates his fellow residents who are all but stupefied by the TV programming. He angrily flips from channel finding something good to watch without success. Going down to the basement, he uncovers an ancient radio that he stored down there in better days. He pays a neighborhood boy to help him bring it up past Vinnie Broun, an older woman who thought Ed had junked the radio years ago. Ed gets the radio up to his room and after a few minutes efforts, tunes it into an old broadcast of "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You," played by the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra direct. The radio fades in and out, much to Ed's irritation. Finally Vinnie comes to the door and reminds him that it's supper.

At the table, Ed hums the song and soon has some of the other guests humming along with him. Someone notes that Tommy Dorsey died years ago and Ed confirms that he heard at least two men playing that had died. He figures that the station is playing old recordings and tries to prove it by bringing a portable radio out and tuning in the station. As he steps out of the room, the landlady notes to Vinnie that she's fortunate she never married Ed. Ed returns but is unable to tune into the stations he heard earlier. Everyone but Professor Ackerman and Vinnie leave and they go up to the room with Ed, but he can't tune in the radio. Ackerman suggests they call the radio station but when Ed makes the call, he's informed that the station has been out of business for 13 years. Vinnie confirms the broadcast isn't listed in the schedules and Ed is puzzled.

Concerned, Vinnie and Ackerman leave but once they're gone, Ed tunes in the radio again to a broadcast from FDR going back years. He then tunes in "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You" and calls Vinnie and Ackerman back, but the radio channel fades out again. Ackerman leaves and Vinnie offers to talk to Ed. He snaps at her but she insists on having her say. She declares that they've spent the last 20 years living in the same house but doing nothing but wondering what went wrong. Ed denies there's any problem but Vinnie says they were going to get married until Ed's mother grew ill. By the time she died, it was too late and they were both set in their ways. She insists that he did love her and he admits it. She thinks that he's hearing "their" song on the radio and thinks he wants to start all over again with 1940. He denies it and insists that he's hearing the songs, then tells her to get out. Once she's gone, he tunes the radio again to an old broadcast and settles down to listen.

Later, the landlady lets a younger more enthusiastic Ed in with groceries. Ackerman and Vinnie try to get him to join with them but he's only interested in listening to the radio. He discovers that they gave it to a junk dealer and he runs out to find it. He buys it back from the junk dealer and takes it to his apartment and tunes in "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You" again. He calls Vinnie in and a new, younger Vinnie comes in. Ed has similarly regressed back to his 1940 self and the two have a second chance together.