The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 11

Still Valley

Aired Unknown Nov 24, 1961 on CBS

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  • Tell me about the rabbits, George

    An entertaining, inoffensive little tale based on a short story by the late, great Manly Wade Wellman - and that in itself should serve as a recommendation.

    My only cavil with this adaptation is the observation that both of the scouts, Paradine and Dauger, are pretty useless at their job. They're waiting for Union troops to show up in the town below, so what do they do whilst they wait? They build a fire. Well done, lads. Then, when they hear what sounds like men and materiel moving in, what is their reaction? They leave the cover of the copse wherein they have been concealed and stand in the open on the hill where they could be seen. It's a miracle they didn't decide to "skyline" themselves too. Shortly after, Sergeant Paradine decides that he needs to gain more specific information regarding the enemy forces, so determines to reconnoitre the town. Does he then stay low, skulking from cover to cover? No - he gets on his horse and rides in. All I can say is that it was damn lucky that old Teague had already cast his spell on the Yankees, because they weren't up against much opposition in the form of this pair of galoots. xD