The Twilight Zone

Season 5 Episode 30

Stopover in a Quiet Town

Aired Unknown Apr 24, 1964 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Bob and Millie wake up to find they are in a strange town. Everything appears to be props - trees, animals even cars.

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  • Mostly good

    The episode is creepy and some what original. This is the 4th or 5th episode about a lonely empty town. I like this episode up until the ending. Then it takes a turn for the worst. Still it's a solid episode and one of the more interesting ones. It's better than the "Where is everybody" episode.
  • New Yorkers Bob and Millie are on their way home from a party when they suddenly awaken to find themselves in bed in a house they have never seen before in an apparently deserted town. As they search the town, they make a number of surprising discoveriesmoreless

    This episode isn't perfect, it becomes obvious fairly early where Bob and Millie are (The little girl's laughter is a tip-off) and the diloauge could have been better. But these flaws are overcome by the good performances and the climax of the episode. That is certainly one very interesting way to reveal to the viewers what is happening. When the little girl's large hand reaches down and picks up Bob and Millie, it has just the right amount of surprise and fear to make the scene work very well. The explanation as to how they got there works well also.moreless
  • A creepy TZ classic!

    Yes, we've seen Twilight Zone characters suddenly find themselves in a strange, but familiar, environment (Where is Everybody). Yes, we've seen the TZ twists where the characters are actually miniatures (Five Characters in Search of an Exit), or being observed by human-like aliens(People Are Alike All Over). Yes, the morality tale on drunk driving is too specific, and too tacked on. Yet Stopover in a Quiet Town is indeed a TZ classic! Maybe it's in knowing that these rather unlikable characters are doomed to this life-free alien playground for their entire lives. In this sense, does it even matter that the characters aren't in hell? Maybe it's the slow journey these characters go on from hopeful to hopeless that makes this a real treat to watch.

    One wish: I would have liked to have seen them take the main road to the edge of town--how would this have been portrayed?moreless
  • The Quiet Town

    This episode is one of the best and still is, the name of the game in this episode is disorentation. In a way this whole episode gets at the common fear and phobia of finding yourself in a rather strange enviorment where everything feels different, nothing really looks familar, you have no idea how you even got to where you are now. It makes sense that the two characters who obviously drank above the limit would find themselves in this predicament, since that most of the time happens with people who have a little too much, they would go into what you might consider a drug trip. But anyway all this episode reilys on build up and moodyness, the isolated quiet depopulated setting thoughout the whole episode is creepy and unnerving almost similar to the setting in movies "28 Days Latter" or "The Quiet Earth". It's nerveracking and disarming having no understanding and few clues how they got to how they got to the quiet town, where they are, why is the town so quiet and certain things seem fake, why are they even there in the first place? We get no answers to these questions until the very end.moreless
  • One of the Best Episodes

    I think that this episode of The Twilight Zone was one of the best episodes of the series. I watched this episode during the Fourth of July marathon and when I saw the ending I couldn't believe it. This episode was good because it made you guess to see where the main characters in this story were and then at the end of the episode you found out where they were. I think that this ending is one of the greatese twist endings in a Twilight Zone episode. Overall this episode was one of my favorite episodes and one of the best episodes of the series.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • After the main actor puts out the burning fake grass, it is still intact. But a few seconds later, we see it again and the grass is mysteriously gone with only an empty rectangular area of the "floor" remaining.

    • When Bob and Millie are standing in front of the church sign, the times read "Services: 8 10 12 AM."

    • When the camera pans to Rod Serling for his opening narration, backstage equipment and crewmembers can be seen briefly.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • (Opening Narration)
      Narrator: Bob and Millie Frazier, average young New Yorkers who attended a party in the country last night and on the way home took a detour. Most of us on waking in the morning know exactly where we are; the rooster or the alarm clock brings us out of sleep into the familiar sights, sounds, aromas of home and the comfort of a routine day ahead. Not so with our young friends. This will be a day like none they've ever spent--and they'll spend it in the Twilight Zone.

    • (Closing Narration)
      Narrator: The moral of what you've just seen is clear. If you drink, don't drive. And if your wife has had a couple, she shouldn't drive either. You might both just wake up with a whale of a headache in a deserted village in the Twilight Zone.

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