The Twilight Zone

Season 5 Episode 36

The Bewitchin' Pool

Aired Unknown Jun 19, 1964 on CBS

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  • Dubbing

    Until this forum I had no clue why Mary Badham's voice was so artificial sounding. Thanks everyone. This episode was never one of my favorites.
  • The reason for June Foray's voice....

    that much of the original outdoor dialog was rendered unusable by noise encountered during the original shoot. The actors re-dubbed their dialog later, but Mary Badham's voice still wasn't right. By the time this was realized, Badham had returned home to Alabama and it was deemed to expensive to fly her back, so June Foray was brought in to re-dub the Badham's character in the required scenes. Badham's actual voice can be heard in the indoor scenes, where noise hadn't intruded.
  • OMG Its June Foray aka Rocket J. Squirrel

    I always thought that the daughter's voice was off and strangely familar. The actress voice was dubbed by June Foray the voice of Rocket J Squirrel. What was Rod Sterling thinking?
  • I Love This! I Love This! And I Have Never Seen A Single Episode of This Show Until Now!!!!!!!

    This episode, which was the final episode of the entire series, features two kids (one played by Mary Badham of To Kill a Mockingbird fame) who live in a family featuring two nagging parents who can't stand their own children, as they blame them for all the arguments in their marriage. It becomes bad enough that the children discover a fantasy world where children live happy lives in a gingerbread house owned by a sweet old lady... right underneath their swimming pool. The question is, is this what they want or should they go back to where they were raised at? Questions are answered, in The Twilight Show.

    As I said in the opening, I had never seen an episode of The Twilight Zone before. Boy have I been missing out! This was one of the most brilliant and original shows I've seen in my life! Rod Sterling's introduction and narration captured me in the mood, performances are brilliant, especially Mary Badham, though her voiced was dubbed in some places, the whole ideas here of children escaping to wonderful happy lands are highly original, and it's so thought-provoking and wonderful you just don't want it to end. Even more surprising was that this episode was written by Earl Hamner, best known for creating The Waltons. He does a wonderful job here.

    I'm glad I finally watched an episode of The Twilight Zone and I'm excited about watching future episodes!
  • Is Mary Badham's voice dubed for part of the episode?

    Just wandering around HULU I decided to hit up TZ and watch the final episode. I'd seen it before but never knowing it was the final episode. Watching it, I couldn't help but notice that Sport, the character played by Mary Badham ("Scout" from the film "To Kill a Mockingbird"), sounded A LOT like June Foray, the voice of Rocky the Flying Squirrel (among others). Once they went to the other location, her voice is noticeably higher and sounds more like a little girl. Did she possibly have some problems with her voice when they shot the home scenes that would have required some voice looping?

    Over all, great episode to go out on.
  • great episode i thought

    love earl hammer but not sure he's right for twilight zone. As for the goof about the swimsuit versus tee the reason is they just recycled the earlier footage fo the first time they came into that scene if you look it's almost a direct reaplay except they cut before the boy helps the girl out of the water and hands htem towels
  • Dvbhfbb

    I LOVE it.
  • Two children escape their life with battling parents

    I was watching this on a Twilight Zone marathon. This one aired right after "A Stop at Willoughby". Both are about escaping into a fantasy world to flee a stressful reality. "A Stop at Willoughby" had depth and flair and an ending to make your heart stop.

    This episode suffers in comparison, having two kids who want to escape to a wonderful place with a homey, grandmotherly figure, who still has them do chores — not the perfect kid's fantasy.

    Still it's better than living with the caricature of bitter parents who don't seem to give a fig about ANYONE, especially their children. These one dimensional parents would be embarassing in lesser shows, but are downright appalling in such a well written show as TZ.

    I was going crazy listening to the girl. I just knew that was June Foray's voice, who did Rocky the Flying Squirrel. She has such an unusual voice. Well, too much of an accent and background noise meant the girl actress had to be dubbed, but, ohmigawd, as much as I love June's voice, it was the wrong one to use.

    It was distracting to the nth degree and added to an already weak episode.

    There are plenty of wonderful TZ eppys to watch. Avoid this one.
  • Not worthy of being the finale of the greatest television show ever.

    "The Bewitchin' Pool" is simply not worthy of being the series finale of what is likely the greatest television series of all time. There are so many great epsiodes of "The Twilight Zone" that would have made for a better finale. I agree with the subject matter that "too many parents divorce" and "too many parents ignore their children," but simply feel that this is one of the lesser episodes of the wonderful series.

    I also could not get past the fact that Mary Badham's voice (which was largely dubbed) was annoying throughout the episode. It's almost sad to see Rod Serling and "The Twilight Zone" go out on this note.
  • Two children with bickering parents discover that a door to a idyllic home of sorts for children with uncaring parents.

    I'm a huge fan of the series and will watch for hours on end when the SciFi Channel runs marathons of "Twilight Zone". Unfortunately, this one is a major disappointment. I like the idea of the storyline, and it is actually pretty well written. However, there are a couple of problems that ruin this episode for me. First of all, the acting by the parents is awful. The only thing they do is argue, yell at each other and yell at their children. I would have rather seen them ignore the children more instead of yelling at them all the time, no matter what they were doing. The other problem for me was really what made the episode painful to watch. The dubbing over of the little girl's voice made me cringe every time she talked. It was so obviously fake that it was like nails on a chalkboard. I really wish that this episode had been given the quality of performance that this clever storyline deserved and "Twilight Zone" is known for.
  • I first saw this episode when I was the age of the children in this episode when it first aired back in'64... growing up in a single parent family, this episode was probably the most memorable of all the TZ's to me.. and still is...

    I first saw this episode when I was the age of the children in this episode when it first aired back in'64... growing up in a single parent family, this episode was probably the most memorable of all the TZ's to me.. and still is... for a child of 8 years old viewing this episode, this episode was very thought provoking..... so i guess i am coming at this from a different perspective than your garden variety adult TZ afficiando.. i try not to over intellectualize or overthink .. just enjoy one of the finest tv show series ever created..
  • My absolotly favorite episode! Wonderfully written, great plot, MUST SEE, best episode of the series!

    Two children have parents who argue all the time. Then one day they go swimming in their pool and while playing a game a boy in a straw hat pops up and tells the children to come with him. They go and when they come back up to the surface
    they're in a lake at a little cottage and a playground where children are laughing and having fun. The boy takes the children into the cottage where they meet a nice old woman named aunt T. The children decide to go back to their home but, their parents are still arguing so they go back to aunt T's, then they go back home and their parents tell them they're going to get a divorce so they run to the pool and go back to aunt T's, but this time they stay forever.
  • Not the best episode.

    I love the Twilight Zone and am a huge fan, so it hurts me to have to give it a bad review. But this episode simply did not cut it. The storyline was not bad at all. It was actually a neat little story. Very creative. But they messed up by dubbing the little girl's voice. It was horrendous and so obviously not her own voice. The second mistake was the parents. They needed better actors playing the parents. They didn't even seem like real parents. They were so hateful and acting like they could care less about the children. In my opinion, better acting and lack of dubbing could have made a big difference in this episode. It might've been one of my favorites.
  • Two kids whose parents are in a divorce find a boy in their pool and find a secret underground world.

    Jeb and Sport are two kids whose parents are looking to get a divorce. Rather than them accepting they decided to go in a pool. They see a farm boy in their pool and are baffled. Following him they disappear and resurface in a secret world. The world is full of kids who apparently have also deserted their parents.

    The main adults seems to an old woman they call Aunt T. Well this episode wasn't scary or that mysterious more like Serling and the writers were trying to address family issues. He used the fantasy world to show that the kids were tired of living in the world where the adults fight.

    It was an ok episode but not what I would call a series classic. This one also seemed to be aimed more at laughs even though they address the issue at hand.
  • Kids find an underworld in the family pool.

    For the last episode this was horrible, but I guess anthology fanallies are never up to par; the tv series run is over and this is the perfect example. Two kids parents are getting a devorce and the kids are always in the pool and they are suprised when they find a boy who looks eerily like Huck Finn in it with them. He tells them to follow him to the bottom of the pool and they come out in a secret world only inhabitated by kids and a mysterious Aunt T. In the end the kids leave home to live with Aunt T. Why? I don't no. She seems like she might be the Devil in my opinion and if I was the writer that would have been the plot twist, but it's not so. This episode is just so-so.
  • Meh.

    Honestly, I don't know what to think about this epsiode. The premise is great: two children's parents decide to get divorced and the children escape to another world through a "door" at the bottom of their pool. The world to which they escape is full of other children, and a kindly, maternal old woman whom they call "Aunt T". Like I said, the idea is sound. The dialgoue, however, especially the parents' dialogue, is lacking and relatively corny. The daughter's voice is blatantly dubbed on the scenes where she is outside, and the result is extremely distracting. (To make matters worse, the dubbed voice is that of Rocky the Squirrel. She also does the voice of "Talky Tina", but it's supposed to sound cartoonish in that case.)
    I would recommend watching this episode, but I would have to say that it's not one of the best.