The Twilight Zone

Season 5 Episode 36

The Bewitchin' Pool

Aired Unknown Jun 19, 1964 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Sport and Jeb jump in the pool in the last scene, Sport is wearing a shirt. When she comes up in Aunt T's land, she is wearing a swim suit.

  • Quotes

    • (Opening Narration)
      Narrator: A swimming pool not unlike any other pool, a structure built of tile and cement and money, a backyard toy for the affluent, wet entertainment for the well-to-do. But to Jeb and Sport Sharewood, this pool holds mysteries not dreamed of by the building contractor, not guaranteed in any sales brochure. For this pool has a secret exit that leads to a never-neverland, a place designed for junior citizens who need a long voyage away from reality, into the bottomless regions of the Twilight Zone.

    • Gloria: I told you to go find your brother, not play in the pool.
      Sport: That's where he was.
      Gloria: You remember what I told you about people who lie.
      Sport: Yes, they go to hell and get burnt up.

    • Jeb: Why do we have to have chores?
      Aunt T: All children need chores to appreciate labor and the joy of honest work.

    • Jeb: You mean all children have a door at the bottom of the pool?
      Aunt T: Oh no, not all children come down here through the pool. Some come down chimneys, or you open the door and there they are. Or sometimes they're on a street corner, or other times on a doorstep, like Whitt there.

    • Aunt T: You sure are solemn children, don't you ever laugh?
      Sport: What's there to laugh about?
      Aunt T: I'm funny, you could laugh at me.
      Whitt: You're not funny, you're nice.
      Aunt T: How about a riddle? Does anybody know a riddle?
      Whitt: I do. What do you call someone who crosses the ocean twice and doesn't take a bath either way?
      Aunt T: What?
      Whitt: A dirty double crosser! (everybody laughs)

    • (Last Scene of the Series - Aunt T's House)
      Gloria:(voice over) Oh children, please come back.
      Sport: Huh?
      Aunt T: What is it dear?
      Sport: I thought I heard something. (Laughs) May I please have another piece of cake, Aunt T?

    • (Closing Narration)
      Narrator: A brief epilogue for concerned parents. Of course, there isn't any such place as the gingerbread house of Aunt T, and we grownups know there's no door at the bottom of a swimming pool that leads to a secret place. But who can say how real the fantasy world of lonely children can become? For Jeb and Sport Sharewood, the need for love turned fantasy into reality; they found a secret place--in the Twilight Zone.

  • Notes

    • In the outdoor scenes, Mary Badham's voice was overdubbed by June Foray (who was the voice of Rocky the Squirrel) due to Badham's heavy southern accent combined with a high backlot noise level.

    • The script is included in The Twilight Zone Scripts of Earl Hamner by Earl Hamner and Tony Albarella.

    • In the book of Earl Hamner TZ scripts, the script for this episode contains a different beginning (instead of showing part of the ending, as it does today).

    • The two main child characters in To Kill A Mockingbird were Jem and Scout (Mary Badham). In this episode, they're Jeb and Sport (Badham).

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