The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 37

The Changing of the Guard

Aired Unknown Jun 01, 1962 on CBS

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  • One of my favorite episodes of the series.

    In this episode of the "Twilight Zone", starred one of my favorite actors: Donald Pleasence.

    The plot of the episode is an aging professor (Pleasence) contemplates committing suicide, because of when he was informed by the headmaster that the administration of the school where he teaches chose not to renew his contract, forcing him into retirement. At hearing the news from the headmaster, Professor Fowler begins to fear that because of he having to retire, he didn't make a differnce in his students lives.

    When he arrived home and went through his older records, reminiscing about his previous students, thinking that he didn't help them at all. After awhile, when his maid came into his study to check on him, Professor Fowler speaks his mind to her about what happened and went for a walk to his classroom before dinner.

    What happened next is what I enjoyed about the episode, that was when he stepped into the twilight zone to have a chance meeting with his old students from a span of fifty years and they all walked over to him and told him all that they learned from his teaching and how they admired him, causing the professor to finally realise the importance his teaching was and how he made a difference, through his students around him, something he told his maid when he arrived home.

    In all, this episode is a great example of why I always enjoy watching "The Twilght Zone".