The Twilight Zone

Season 5 Episode 35

The Fear

Aired Unknown May 29, 1964 on CBS

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  • The worst EVER TZ episode!!

    The most ridiculous piece of garbage I have EVER seen. A true comedy! And I LOVE Twilight Zone with a passion. Meathead and WireWalker must have been stoned off their asses when reviews this swill.
  • One night State Trooper Robert Franklin drives to a remote house to check on a woman named Charlotte Scott, a fashion editor from New York seeking seclusion. Soon Franklin and Scott see a huge light outside as well as some odd occurences. Could it be...

    While it doesn't belong in the league of classic "Twilight Zone" episodes such as "The Invaders" or "Time Enough at Last," "The Fear" is an episode worth seeing. The two actors in the episode do their best with a script that could have had better dialouge. The scene where Robert Franklin discovers the large finger prints on his police car is a little silly, but it does help to keep the viewer hooked on the story and makes the viewer want to see it to the end. Though it's somewhat of a cliche, I did like Charlotte conquering her fear.
  • Not horror but spine-tingling. In other words, just a lower degree of fear, which makes it just right for those who are faint of heart.

    There is a difference between horror and spine-tingling. Horror is when it's at its most hair-raising but on the other hand, spine-tingling is when it evokes just the SLIGHT feeling of apprehension. I guess it's a matter of degree so that apprehensiveness comes in at a lower level, which would make it more acceptable for those audiences who are faint at heart. Here it's where the fear is only hinted at, the best example being that scene where the state trooper leans a ladder against the cottage's roof, climbs it, and then slowly and apprehensively searches the roof with his flashlight.
    The next morning, after he wakes up, he notices Giant-Fingerprints on his patrol-car! This is NOT horror but just awe to see the impossible and astonishing. What I enjoy about that scene is the Mixture of spine-tingling and wonderment. At the finale, that sense of wonder is confirmed when "The Fear" is found to be aliens from a flying saucer. So it's a unique MIXTURE of spine-tingling and wonderment.