The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 17

The Fever

Aired Unknown Jan 29, 1960 on CBS

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  • Point well taken, but they overstate their case.

    Like most TZ episodes, "The Fever" seems to have a moral, this one being that compulsive gambling can destroy lives, which it can and often does. There have been cases where people have mortgaged and lost their homes playing blackjack or whatever. Even suicides. This episode tries to make the case against gambling, or at least compulsive gambling, by having a tightwad like Franklin Gibbs as the poster boy for compulsive gamblers, which is really absurd. Yes, gambling can, for some, be an obsession, but someone like Franklin is the least likely person to get "the fever". Of all the people in the casino, all of whom gamble responsibly, Franklin, who has a moral code against any form of gambling, is the one who goes nuts. Oh, Please! Getting a little carried away, maybe, but still unlikely. But to the point of jumping out a window to escape a phantom slot machine?! Someone who is as against gambling as Franklin is not going to end up that way, not even close. His poor wife, watching helplessly as he loses it. And that machine, calling out "Franklin" in that ugly voice. They could have done better.