The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 32

The Gift

Aired Unknown Apr 27, 1962 on CBS

Episode Recap

Sheriff Sanchez arrives in his town of Madeiro with a corpse. He gets the telegram operator to send a message to the capital describing how a flying saucer crashed outside of town and one of his officers fired at the occupant. Sanchez fired at the alien and believes that he wounded him. The doctor arrives and asked Sanchez what happened, and warns that they need to be sure of what Sanchez saw. The doctor goes into the bar for a drink from Manolo, the bartender who is closing up for the night. An unsmiling boy, Pedro, comes in and talks about life on other planets. Manolo sends him to get water and notes that Pedro likes to look up at the stars. Manolo admits he doesn't know where the boy is from and keep shim there to help look after the place. Manolo closes up and sends the doctor on his way, but as the doctor goes outside a man limps up and asks if they're still open. Pedro offers to get him his wine but Manolo tells the man the place is closed. The man, who says his name is Williams, seems confused and says that he's ill, and just asks to stay for a while. Manolo gets him a bottle but as he sets it on the table, he sees that William's hand is bleeding. When Manolo runs, Williams knocks Manolo unconscious with a bottle and then says he needs to explain and tried before, but the officer fired at him and they struggled for the gun. He collapses from his wound.

Williams wakes up in Pedro's room in the back of the tavern where Pedro is taking care of him. The stranger admits he is surprised that Pedro is the only one who views him with fear, but Pedro says they are both strangers. Williams tells Pedro to remove a metal book from his pocket. He says it's a gift and tells Pedro to put it away. The doctor returns and prepares to remove the bullet, but Williams says he shouldn't get any anesthetic. The doctor agrees and orders Pedro out, then goes to work removing the bullet. Once he's done, he goes out front where Manolo has recovered consciousness. The doctor asks Pedro what he knows of the stranger, and how he can have two bullets in him without feeling pain when he should be dead. He notes they got to the man three hours too late and Williams should be dead, but he wasn't. He sends Pedro to watch the stranger and then asks Manolo where he went during the surgery. The bartender explains he told Sanchez where Williams was in return for payment. Disgusted, the doctor leaves.

Pedro watches over the alien who apologizes, saying he came to give but has only taken. He wonders why men are afraid but only a child, Pedro, is without fear. Williams says he brought a gift to indicate his friendly intentions but he's failed. Now he needs to get back to his ship to repair so he can leave, but promises that one day he or someone like him will return. The officer from the capital arrives with soldiers and asks Sanchez why he needs help, and Sanchez insists the alien is dangerous. Manolo comes out to get them and the doctor arrives to inform them that Williams is too ill to move. The officer ignores him and goes inside to arrest the man, only to discover that Williams has climbed out a window. The officer has his men surround the town as the villagers panic, and they find Williams. The stranger says he came in peace and tells Pedro to show them the gift. Manolo grabs it and the villagers burn it. Pedro walks to Williams who approaches him, and the soldiers open fire, killing him.

As the officer sends everyone home, the doctor reads what remains of the book, and tells them it was a formula for cancer.