The Twilight Zone

Season 2 Episode 5

The Howling Man

Aired Unknown Nov 04, 1960 on CBS



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    • (Opening Narration)
      Narrator: The prostrate form of Mr. David Ellington, scholar, seeker of truth and, regrettably, finder of truth. A man who will shortly arise from his exhaustion to confront a problem that has tormented mankind since the beginning of time. A man who knocked on a door seeking sanctuary and found instead the outer edges of the Twilight Zone.

    • Ellington: I know. It's -- it's an incredible story. I, of all people, know this. And you won't believe me. No, not at first. But I'm going to tell you the whole thing. Then, you will believe, because you must. You must believe. It happened many years ago, after the First World War. I was on a walking trip through central Europe. But one night, I... One night, I got lost in a storm.

    • The Howling Man: That's the strength of the man. He makes his madness seem a harmless thing. The-the-the madness of a religious zealot. This is not a religious order, Mister Ellington. These so-called Brothers of Truth--they're outcasts, misfits, cut off from the world because the world won't have them. Mister Ellington, please, you must believe me. I don't say they're evil. I say they're mad.

    • Jerome: The Devil hath power to assume a pleasing shape. I had seen him before, in all parts of the world. In all forms and guises. Wherever there was sin. Wherever there was strife. Wherever there was corruption. And persecution. There he was also. Sometimes he was only a spectator, a face in the crowd. But, always, he was there.

    • Jerome: I'm sorry for you, my son. All your life, you will remember this night. And you'll know, Mister Ellington, whom you have turned loose upon the world.
      Ellington: I didn't believe you. I saw him and didn't recognize him.
      Jerome: That is man's weakness... and Satan's strength.

    • Ellington: It took many years but I did it. See? I have him in there now.
      You understand now. You understand why you must not under any circumstances go near that door. You see how important it is that he stay locked up? Good. I'm sending him back to Brother Jerome. He'll do a bit of howling but, heh, pay no attention to that. It's a trick. I know. Yes, I must go now. Must go. I have preparations to make. I'll be back in just a few minutes. Remember. Remember. Keep that door locked.

    • (Closing Narration)
      Narrator: Ancient folk saying: 'You can catch the Devil, but you can't hold him long.' Ask Brother Jerome. Ask David Ellington. They know, and they'll go on knowing to the end of their days and beyond--in the Twilight Zone.

  • Notes

    • Included on Image-Entertainment's "More Teasures of The Twilight Zone" DVD.

    • This episode is based on the short story "The Howling Man" by Charles Beaumont. The story was first published in Beaumont's collection Night Ride and Other Journeys (1960).

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