The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 19

The Hunt

Aired Unknown Jan 26, 1962 on CBS

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  • The Hunt - Maybe the best Twilight Zone

    Might be the best Twilight Zone of all, certainly one of the top five!! The story is heart warming and a classic. Never thought about the dog's name being RIP until today and I've seen it 25 times! If my dog can't go, I ain't going either!
  • The Hunt (Old man and a dog named RIP)

    One of the very best episodes. From beginning to end, If you haven't seen it don't read any spoilers just go watch and enjoy. I love the dialog between the old woman and man and the words of wisdom from the young man at the end. the dogs name is clever, the raccoon even acted like a pro. Most episodes were written by Serling this one was not.
  • "The Twilight Zone" Season 3, episode #84,called "The Hunt"

    Best Twilight Zone ever!! We owned a Golden, he looked like this ole hound dog, and his name was RIP too. Never saw this esp before we named our dog Rip and now my RIP is gone to heaven. I know he's waiting to meet me at the gate, my RIP won't be tricked either...this made me cry when I first saw it for the first time as I hugged my Rip that night on the couch but now that my boy is dead, whenever I am lucky enough to see this episode on TV, I still remember that night I watched it with him for the first time with my Rip in my arms, I cried...out of happiness then too.... THE HUNT is the best testament of the love of a dog you will ever see. When the second angel asked Hyder Simpson why he didn't go with the first angel through the first gate, Hyder explains that Rip dog would not go in, and that they told him at the first gate no dogs allowed. To that the 2nd angel goes on to say, "You see Mr. Simpson, a Man, well, he'll walk right into Hell with both eyes open. But not even the Devil can fool a dog!" That one line in this show says it all....I still miss my little, well big man Rip...seeing this now gives me such joy....I can't even put it into words, my tears say it all...Best TZ ever...hit a home run with me and my hubby :) too and of course our RIP.....RIP, Rippy, Mommy & Daddy will be home soon and we'll take that walk down Eternity Road together...We love you boyman and miss you everyday. Till we meet again Rip, in the TWILIGHT ZONE! :)
  • I sweet tale about a man and his dog.

    After supper one evening Hyder Simpson and his dog Rip decide to go coon hunting in the woods. His wife Rachel begs Hyder not to go because she sees omens that lead her to believe that Hyder and Rip won't return home that night, but they go anyway. While out in the woods Rip spots a racoon and chases it into a pond. When Rip doesn't come up from the water, Hyder jumps in after him. After an unsuccessful coon hunt, They decide to return to the cabin only to learn that no one can see or hear them. They find a grieving rachel and a preacher inside discussing Hyder, and the omens Rachel has been seeing. Hyder and Rip soon head down the road and come to a fence were a man waits for them to come by. He informs Hyder that he and Rip drowned in the pond. Just as Hyder and Rip are about to enter what they think is heaven, the man at the gate tells Hyder that dogs aren't allowed and he has to take Rip down the road to another place. Hyder tells the man that any place too good for Rip is too good for him so they keep walking. They come to a lovely garden where they meet an angel that tells them that the place back down the road was hell and that they wouldn't let Rip in because they feared he'd sense the brimstone and try to warn Hyder. The angel brings Hyder and Rip through to heaven.
  • The Hunt

    The Hunt is a great story told with a simple feeling about it. The acting is great and how they give it a feel of a old timer country foke. It was played out with a story spinners ease of putting pieces together to make it believable. To hear at the end that his wife would join him soon made me both happy and sad at the same time, the mark of a good story teller.
    I love to see simple stories such as this from Twilight Zone it shows how great such a simple idea can make a great and remember able episode.
  • One of my all time favorites. The Hunt isn't creepy or strange or even scarry. it's just a great story.

    The Hunt is one of those stories that if or when you see it, you'll never forget it. This is Twilight Zone at it's best. Earl Hamner shines as the writer of this piece and Arthur Hunicutt (Veteran of many westerns, Bonanza, Swamp Fox)as the star of this piece is outstanding. An episode that clearly illustrates that things aren't always as they seem. One bit of Irony I love is the Dogs name, RIP. If you have watched this episode or do watch it, you will see the sweet Irony in that name.
  • This is simple story telling at its best. The characters are very real and the story is basic and very personable. It helps that I grew up in the country and I love dogs too.

    This episode always brings a smile. The characters are very easy going and believable. The metaphor of the devil trying to fool a simple country fellow is great. Dogs are very good judges of character and this episode proves it. I like the rural tone and the natural and simplistic characters here, no hidden motives.
    I just have to admit that this episode always brings a smile to my face. It is true that it seems the main character does not catch on to his own demise quickly, but in reality how many of us would? The very honest nature of the cast is refreshing and down to earth. In my opinion one of the very best in a series of over spectacular episodes.
  • Take your dog with you

    Earl Hamner, Jr., later famous as the creator of The Waltons, penned this classic Twilight Zone episode. It concerns the story of Hyter Simpson, a hunter from a rural, mountainous area who, along with his dog, drowns one night while hunting for raccoon. Simpson's spirit must wander the hills searching for hillbilly heaven and it's a good thing for him that dog Rip is also along for the ride.

    Veteran character actor Arthur Hunnicutt gives a gem of a performance as does Jeanette Nolan as his bereaved widow. The entire episode has a bit of a light-hearted touch to it. We know there probably won't be any shocking conclusions or stunning plot twists at episode's end. But we do enjoy the ending and perhaps should take narrator Rod Serling's advice when travelling to unknown regions.