The Twilight Zone

Season 2 Episode 15

The Invaders

Aired Unknown Jan 27, 1961 on CBS

Episode Recap

An old woman lives in an isolated farmhouse with no technology and few essentials. She's cooking her supper and puts a knife back in the rack with two others, and hears a high-pitched whining noise. Something crashes onto the roof of her cabin and she takes a lantern and goes up the ladder to investigate. She discovers that a flying saucers, about six feet in diameter, has landed. She hesitantly approaches it and notices a gangway opening up on the bottom. She ducks behind cover and sees a small suited figure, about a foot tall, emerge. It sees her and walks toward her, and she kicks it down the ladder and slams the hatch shut. Another alien appears and fires a flashing ray gun at her: she grabs at her wounded shoulder and then throws the lantern, knocking it over the edge of the house.

The woman climbs downstairs and discovers that the ray gun has raised blisters on her arm and shoulder. She tries to wipe them off with water, then hears a beeping noise from the next room. taking a wooden ladle and a candle, she goes to investigate and pokes under the furniture with the ladle. She doesn't find anything but notices the outside door. Opening it, she sees one of the invaders on the ground. Bolting the door shut, she pokes underneath the bed and the other alien grabs it. She falls back and knocks over the candle. Retreating to the kitchen, she sees that one of her knives is missing. One of the aliens comes through the window and she slams the shutters closed, then goes to the door but the other alien cuts her foot with the knife. Collapsing it leaps at her and she throws it away, then grabs an axe. She goes to the door but the alien cuts her hand through the boards. She flees back into the room and notices one alien in the bedsheets. As she wraps it up, the other alien comes through the window and she knocks it back and draws the shutters. She then bundles up the alien and slams it repeatedly into the table, then puts it in a box and puts the box in the fireplace.

The remaining alien blasts a whole in the floorboard and the woman prepares to hack it with her axe, but it retreats to the roof. The woman climbs up the roof again and smashes the saucer with her axe. As she does, a voice on the radio says that his companion Gresham is dead and that the planet is inhabited by a race of giants. He warns Central Control that they should avoid the planet. The woman completes the destruction and as she leaves, she fails to notice a sign on the side of the saucer saying "U.S. Air Force: Space Probe No. 1."