The Twilight Zone

Season 2 Episode 15

The Invaders

Aired Unknown Jan 27, 1961 on CBS

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  • fair but poor

    The Invaders are obviously toys. Only suprized Twilight zone got away with USAF on the model. Knowing the paranoid mentality they should have written USSR!
  • Double, double, toil and trouble

    I found this one highly entertaining and surprisingly violent for a TZ episode. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it at least partly inspired the "Amelia" story in the portmanteau horror film "Trilogy of Terror", a TV movie released in 1975 that featured Karen Black's character being terrorised by an African Zuni doll. Staying on the theme of inspiration, was Agnes Moorehead's performance in this tale responsible for her being cast as Endora in "Bewitched"? Because that slop she's cooking up at the beginning certainly looks like the contents of a witch's cauldron. xD Dry ice and all...
  • INVADERS - abysmal plot and laughable story and acting - No comparison with Series One

    I loved Series 1 and the thematic movie writing applied to shorts - it was clever and credible in its depictions but the second series fails for two reasons. Poor plot and storylines and unncessarily throws viewers out of the story with Rod Serling appearing but the Invaders episode is so bad it is upsetting. Compare this to Close Encounters which is strong, emotional and well acted credible believable scene of a mother's son being taken away in horrific circumstances. I laughed out loud at Invaders - Why? There is a woman who looks like she has never lived alone, never cooked or used knives - she cuts a huge vegetable with one knife which becomes blunt after a second when she cuts another small vegetable a few seconds later, hammy overacting over nothing and seems as if she does not know her own home, laughable to see anyone expecting us to take being terrorised by two toy robots seriously. Policy to switch off bad episodes from now on
  • A woman living alone in an isolated farm house gets an unwelcome visit from alien invaders.


    This particular episode of The Twilight Zone goes to show that it is possible to create an excellent episode with very little dilouge. Agnes Morehead deliveres a phenomenal performance depite not saying a single word. This episode has all the elements that made The Twilight Zone possibly the greatest televison series ever. A great script, excellent acting and nail biting suspense. You will be hanging on the edge of your seat until the end and you will never see the ending coming. "The Invaders" is hands down the best episode of The Twilight Zone. One word: Excellent.

  • Little alien beings attack a poor silent lady in her country house.

    Of all the Twilight Zone episodes I watched as a kid, this is the one episode I remember the most. The poor lady being attacked by the little miniature devils. It was great!! Then in the end to find out the little devils were from an American spaceship. I wish I could say there was one program on television recently (1970's to now) that used so much imagination but I can't think of single one. Maybe the television executives need to turn over the creative side to the youth again like it was in the 1950's so there would be a reason to turn television back on again.
  • aweesomeee

    very weird and cool and freaky all at the same time. i was even kinda scared at some parts! its very weird at the end because she looks at the ship and it says us air force! it was the us and she was just a giant from another planet! that was the weirdest part of all! it was kinda like one of those eye of the beholder episodes because of the ending. (eye of the beholder is one of my favorite episodes ever) i realy like this one because you thought it was just a normal woman being tortured by these little tiny aliens from another planet but they were americans!
  • Bean Me Up Scotty!

    This episode of "the Twlight Zone" is about a old lonely woman who is fighting for her life against tiny alliens onboard a tiny spacecraft. they might be small but they might be theatening, especially to the old woman. Seeing this tiny old man coming out of the spaceship is indeed scary. No matter the size of the spanceman or the spaceship, it can be terrorfying. "the Twlight Zone," rarely tackles science fiction episodes. they might as well leave it to "the Outer Limits." But this episode they must have. The life of the old woman hingles of what the spacecraft will do next.
  • A Twilight Zone Gem.

    This episode about what appears to be a lonely, poor woman who is invaded by "aliens" is one of Agnes Moorehead's finest moments on screen.

    And she doesn't utter a word.

    The sheer terror she endures in trying to overcome these "aliens" is ultimately so convincing that even Moorehead had said that it had been one of her toughest roles.

    The ending, although not necessarily that shocking of a twist considering the genre of the program, is none-the-less surprising and a perfect end to an episode of few words.