The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 28

The Little People

Aired Unknown Mar 30, 1962 on CBS

Episode Recap

Astronauts William Fletcher and Peter Craig are forced to put down on a barren planetoid to make repairs to their damaged spaceship after taking meteor damage. Fletcher, the commander, makes the repairs while Craig lazes around and complains about the food. Fletcher finally tells Craig to quit complaining, noting he has trouble taking orders. He wonders what Craig wants out of life, and Craig tells him he wants to be the one in charge for once. Craig notices the sound of voices but Fletcher doesn't hear anything.

Later, Craig has taken to walking around the area while Fletcher makes repairs. Fletcher notices that Craig hasn't been drinking any water recently and finds a box containing moist lichen. Craig claims he was just testing it for purity but Fletcher puts it under a magnifier and realizes they are actually miniature tree. Craig says he found them by a stream and shows him something else: a miniature truck, barely a sixteenth of an inch long. Fletcher realizes it's related to the voices and Craig takes him to the stream. There he shows Fletcher a miniature city filled with advanced people. They don't speak English but Craig says they're cooperative and have provided him with edible plants. Further, he plans to take it further now that he has what he wants: people who consider him a god and will do whatever he tells them to. Fletcher says that they're people just like them but a demented Craig starts proving his godhood by stepping on the buildings. Fletcher punches him unconscious and tries to apologize to the little people, asking for forgiveness.

Later, Fletcher completes repairs and wonders where Craig has gone. He goes to look for him and finds a statue of Craig. The co-pilot boasts that the little people worked overnight, thousands of them building a statue to their "God." Fletcher shakes his head in disgust and tells Craig that they're leaving. He figures the little people might build a statue of him for taking away their tormentor. Craig draws his gun and tells Fletcher to leave. Fletcher warns him that he'll die of loneliness and asks him to leave, but Craig fires a shot scratching him and knocking the head off his statue. Fletcher has no choice but to leave. Craig puts his helmet on the statue and contemplates the shattered head. He tells the tiny civilization that he has new projects for them to work on for their god. He slams the statue head down on them and talks of discipline. He tells them to rebuild the statue but then hears the sound of a spaceship landing. Craig looks up to find two giant figures standing over him. As he screams at them to go, one of them picks him Craig up and accidentally crushes him to death. They toss him down dismissively and go back to repair their spaceship. As Craig's body lies in the dirt, the little people pull the statue down on him and cheer in triumph that their tormentor is dead.