The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 10

The Midnight Sun

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 1961 on CBS

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  • Aside from the horribly cliche ending (which at the time wasn't one, so you can't take points off), this episode is flawless. The acting, the writing, it all comes together to make one of the weirdest and most entertaining episodes of this great series.

    The central theme of "Midnight Sun", where it pulls its emotional weight, is the idea of being trapped. There's no way out of being burned alive by the sun as the Earth has modified its orbit and the two bodies are on a collision course. No matter what the three main characters do, they are all heading for the same fate. One is a simple landlady, the other a talented painter, and still another a family man turned thief after buckling under the pressure of the Earth's impending incineration. There really is no specific plot binding them all together, instead "Midnight Sun" serves as a window as to what the final days of humankind might be like, and is written and acted with a chilling normalcy and calmness in the face of calamity. It's by no means a morality play like many episodes of "The Twilight Zone", but it is definitely a hair-raising conversation starter. I would imagine that after this episode's premiere, in those long gone days of yore when families might have actually watched the television together and enjoyed each others' company, some of the talks that were had between fathers and sons and mothers and daughters might well have helped shape an entire generation's perception of what it means to make the most out of life.
  • My dad told me about this one! The earth is moving toward the sun, eveything is getting hotter and hotter, paintings are dripping to the ground, and it makes you so hot until...suprise ending! Here's my dad to tell you about it:

    MIDNIGHT SUN is one of my favorite TWILIGHT ZONE episodes. It features an intense performance by actress Lois Nettleton as an ordinary woman struggling to deal with the most extraordinary circumstance that the Earth has shifted in its orbit and is now moving slowly but inevitably toward the sun, making everything hotter every day. Water becomes scarce and desperate people are willing to kill for it just to survive. As the episode evolves, everything is bright, sweaty and meltingly hot. The way it is done makes the viewer almost feel the heat! Then finally...(Spoiler alert!!)the lead character passes out only to wake up to the single coldest moment I have ever seen and almost felt on television! Our first view as she awakens is the window where we have seen the sun growing bigger and brighter throughout the episode, only this time there's snow! As she awakens and tells everyone in the room of her dream, we find out that in reality, the Earth is moving AWAY from the sun...and they are all going to freeze to death! Chilling! Just chilling!
  • Some mistakes but I was nailed to the TV set until the end. Wish I could see the whole show and it would be submitted on here to watch.

    I love this it has you glued until the end. Plus the the great camera work for its time! One thing my mind kinda pulled it apart. (don't read if you don't want to know what is wrong)
    If it stayed day all the time the earth would have to ether no longer rotate or would have to flip on axle.

    But it has a wonderful plot and something to give the people of today to think about how we treat our planet. I have a love of "end of world" movies and programs and this is one that has stood out in my mind since I was a kid.
  • Another great episode!

    Midnight Sun is another classic episode of The Twilight Zone. Through the entire episode you think that the earth is moving closer to the sun. (This used to scare me when I was little! I thought that the earth might actually move closer to the sun and we'd all die!) Then at the end of the episode we find out that the whole thing was a dream. The woman is sick and running a fever. She's just dreaming that the earth was moving close to the sun. But then the landlord and the doctor go over and talk in the corner. It's revealed that the earth is actually moving AWAY from the sun! My summary probably didn't do much justice to the episode. But trust me this is a great episode and if given an oppurtunity you should watch it.
  • the midnight sun

    I loved this episode! It has an unexpected twist to it, which I found very interesting. It was something to really wonder about. Great episode.
  • The Midnight Sun is my favorite episode of The Twilight Zone ever!

    The Midnight Sun is my overall favorite episode of The Twilight Zone. That is a bold statement but the episode is so good so good. The plot is awesome and then the twist at the end is the icing on the cake man I just love this episode. The acting is great and when I watch it as the characters get hot I get hot. I LOVE THIS EPISODE!
  • The sun has gotten more closer to the earth and two women are trapped in an apartment building trying to survive.

    This is a great episode. It has a very interesting plot about an incredible apocalyptic event but it still has some annoying and confusing parts. With the wierd kid that was about to leave i thought he was an alien or something. He had huge eyeballs and i think he was staring at the girl for a long time. It was really wierd. And it was annoying when the old lady was painting that picture and the paint started to melt off the canvas and the camera kept going back and forth from the girl sweating and the picture melting. Then it eventually ended up with the girl screaming. Anyway, it was a great episode.
  • Yeah, but it's a dry heat!

    This is a terrific episode, one of the real gems of the original series (despite the slight scientific plot flaw, highlighted by one of the earlier reviewers, regarding what would be required for there to be perpetual daylight. This also leads me to speculate upon what conditions would be like on the side of the Earth condemned to darkness). Again, like one of the other reviewers, I'm something of a fan of these apocalyptic scenarios and this story in particular reminds of the classic film, The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1961), which has a very similar premise. Hey, *what* a coincidence - both were released the same year. How about that? :P Briefly, if you liked this TZ episode, chances are that you'll also appreciate the movie.

    P.S. I have to admit that I quite enjoyed watching Lois Nettleton running around in her sweaty shift, too. xD