The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 10

The Midnight Sun

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 1961 on CBS

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  • Burning Earth

    This episode is another one of my all time favorates because it has a real sense of intensity and participation. This episode is slightly similar to one of my favorate sci-fi films "The Day the Earth Caught Fire". This episode by todays standards was slightly prolific on our current global warming problem. The natural disasters it's currently causing, death tolls rising, as well as the facts of our water supply starting to go down in some regions. It's the character's acting that make this post apacaliptic end of the world tale feel believable. And it's a pritty terrifing concept, seeing the earth knocked out of it's orbit coming to close to the sun. Water becoming scarse because it's evaporating too quickly and people are forced to move to colder reagons like Antartica just to delay their demise a little longer. You feel everything from this episode the physical conditions of the characters, looking all sweaty, thursty, weak, and sick. Even their states of mind reflect their conditions, desperation, denial, dread, and mental/emotional breakdown. Both these things make things so intense you litterally feel the heat and thurst. And we see things get even hotter as the sun begins to look bigger, thermometer reading is so high the mercury begins to burst, and even the main characters oil paintings melt. You think it's going to be the end, but then a supprise endding comes that gives us a sense of relief and you feel the cold (I know it made me cool down) but it was only a temporary good feeling because once we learn the truth about the cold the dreaded sense of doom starts up again.
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