The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 10

The Midnight Sun

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 1961 on CBS

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  • Aside from the horribly cliche ending (which at the time wasn't one, so you can't take points off), this episode is flawless. The acting, the writing, it all comes together to make one of the weirdest and most entertaining episodes of this great series.

    The central theme of "Midnight Sun", where it pulls its emotional weight, is the idea of being trapped. There's no way out of being burned alive by the sun as the Earth has modified its orbit and the two bodies are on a collision course. No matter what the three main characters do, they are all heading for the same fate. One is a simple landlady, the other a talented painter, and still another a family man turned thief after buckling under the pressure of the Earth's impending incineration. There really is no specific plot binding them all together, instead "Midnight Sun" serves as a window as to what the final days of humankind might be like, and is written and acted with a chilling normalcy and calmness in the face of calamity. It's by no means a morality play like many episodes of "The Twilight Zone", but it is definitely a hair-raising conversation starter. I would imagine that after this episode's premiere, in those long gone days of yore when families might have actually watched the television together and enjoyed each others' company, some of the talks that were had between fathers and sons and mothers and daughters might well have helped shape an entire generation's perception of what it means to make the most out of life.