The Twilight Zone

Season 2 Episode 18

The Odyssey of Flight 33

Aired Unknown Feb 24, 1961 on CBS

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  • Waste of time

    Terrible episode. They go back in time to the dinosaur age in an airplane. That's about it.
  • The Oddyssey of flight 33.

    This episode. combines two of my favorite things and that is anything to do with airplanes and Movies and TV show about time travel this episode is about Flight 33 and it has traveled back in time back to the dinosores then it goes to 1939 then after that who knows it could go to 2007 and be hear with us with us it flew around the 1939 worlds fair which was relly cool this is one of the best Twilight Zone episodes ever. The fact that Serling wrote my favorite Episode is cool
    that is all i have. 100 words
  • 218

    Not the best episode of The Twilight Zone by any standard, just because it felt as though the plot didn't go anywhere. Plus traveling back in time on a plane isn't exactly must watch TV. I know this was made in the 1960s but honestly they could have done better with the dinosaur, or at least something more clever to show the audience that they were back in the prehistoric era. Something that was clever was going to the 1930s. We got great things to show us that they were in the 30s with the New York World Fair. The flight attendants were just too bothersome for my liking, and they should have just kept all the focus on the pilots. This episode started out good with the plane going to fast, but then it had seemed to have lost its way by turning the plane in to a time machine. That's just my opinion, and also I know a lot of other Twilight Zone episodes that just surpassed this one in quality. Fair episode overall.