The Twilight Zone

Season 2 Episode 21

The Prime Mover

Aired Unknown Mar 24, 1961 on CBS

Episode Recap

At a diner, cook Ace Larsen squares off against a one-armed bandit and loses. He ends up betting a truck driver on a coin flip, over the objections of cashier Kitty Cavanaugh, and loses again. To add insult to injury, the truck driver wins at the one-armed bandit. Ace protests to his friend Jimbo Cobb, and Kitty leaves for the night. Jimbo wonders when Ace is going to marry her, but Ace figures they need money first. They hear a car crash outside into the local power substation and run outside to help. Ace tries to get the people out of the car but Jimbo concentrates... and moves the car with his mind.

Later after the passengers are taken to the hospital, Ace asks Jimbo how he did what he did. Jimbo finally gives in and says he's always had the power and never thought there was anything special about it at first. Eventually he gave it up because it got him into trouble at school and gave him serious headaches. Ace has him demonstrate his telekinesis by levitating first the bed and then a quarter, and finally dice. Furious, Ace says they could have been rich years ago and then calls Kitty to have her come with them on a trip.

They go to Las Vegas and play the roulette table, with Jimbo making sure Ace wins. Finally Jimbo begs off due to his increasing headache and they go up to their luxury suite. Jimbo just wants to sleep and says he can't do it any more because it's cheating. Ace agrees to quit... after one more time. Jimbo reluctantly agrees but Kitty wants to leave, saying they have enough money. Ace refuses and she says he's sick, and she leaves for home. Jimbo notes that Ace has been ignoring her all night and says he should go after him. Ace chases her down but she refuses to stay, and he starts hitting on the cigarette girl, Sheila. He pays off the manager to get her to come along and then sets up a game with the biggest gambler in town, Phil Nolan.

The next day Nolan calls Ace and they set up a game in the hotel room. Jimbo notes that Nolan is a gangster but Ace isn't concerned. Nolan and his men arrive and they start playing craps. With Jimbo's help, Ace keeps winning and Nolan can't detect any cheating. When Sheila arrives, Ace bets everything he has over Jimbo's objections. He rolls the dice... and loses. Nolan leaves with the money and Jimbo explains that he lost his pwer, something burned out. Sheila quickly leaves and Ace laughs about the whole thing.

Back at the diner, Ace has the one-armed bandit taken out and then proposes to Kitty as a startled Jimbo drops his broom. Kitty asks for a quarter from Jimbo then flips a coin. Ace calls it, she looks at it without showing him, and accepts his proposal. As they kiss, Jimbo reaches for his broom... and then pulls it up with his mind.