The Twilight Zone

Season 2 Episode 24

The Rip Van Winkle Caper

Aired Unknown Apr 21, 1961 on CBS



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    • (Opening Narration)
      Narrator: Introducing four experts in the questionable art of crime. Mr. Farwell, expert on noxious gases, former professor with a doctorate in both chemistry and physics. Mr. Erbie, expert in mechanical engineering. Mr. Brooks, expert in the use of firearms and other weaponry. And Mr. DeCruz, expert in demolition and various forms of destruction. The time is now and the place is a mountain cave in Death Valley, U.S.A. In just a moment, these four men will utilize the services of a truck placed in cosmoline, loading with a hot heist cooled off by a century of sleep, and then take a drive into the Twilight Zone.

    • Falwell: Why is it, Mr. DeCruz, that greedy men are the most dreamless, the least imaginative, stupid?

    • (Closing Narration)
      Narrator: The last of four Rip Van Winkles who all died precisely the way they lived, chasing an idol across the sand to wind up bleached dry in the hot sun as so much desert flotsam, worthless as the gold bullion they built a shrine to. Tonight's lesson... in the Twilight Zone.

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    • Title:
      Referencing the short story by Washington Irving (1819), where the title character sleeps through 20 years and wakes up to find that the American Revolution has occurred and most of what he knew has long since disappeared.