The Twilight Zone

Season 2 Episode 25

The Silence

Aired Unknown Apr 28, 1961 on CBS

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  • a man bets he can keep quite for a year so he can prove a point to a rich man, and earn a couple dollars. he succeeds in humiliating the rich man...but goes too far and pays a harsh price

    this episode is what got me into this show. i remember falling asleep by my bed and then all of a sudden jumping when i saw this ending. its such a brilliant twist that i definatly never saw coming. many of the episodes in twilight zone are amazing, but are different because it involves some sort of supernatural element in the episode. the reason i liked this one so much was because it was all so real, and could have all happend. i reccomended this episode to many people and got them into the show as well. poor guy...he just wanted to prove what type of a person he was while making a couple bucks...shows in life that nothing is 100% and we should never make long term changes(like cutting ur vocal cords!)
  • At a gentlemen's club an elderly man grows tired of a boasting young man who claims he can make money. He offers him a bet of half a million to keep quiet for six months. Spoilers in review

    A wager is made that a young man can not keep silent for six months. The man who offers the wager is known of substantial means and can afford him the wager. As time nears the end, we see the old man lose his composure and try to convince the man taking the wager, that it is not worth it with immoral lies. After the man keeps silent for six months, the elderly gentleman reveals that he has squandered his money and can not pay him. When asked to say something, TO RESPOND, the young man writes on a peice of paper, I can't... I cut my vocal chords.
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