The Twilight Zone

Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Unknown Feb 10, 1961 on CBS

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  • Imagine finding Spock's fiancee scary

    This one's a real corker. It's got so much going for it - atmosphere, lighting, cinematography, a great script from Rod Serling, plus a convincing portrayal from Barbara Nichols as the main protagonist. It's also entertaining to see Jonathan Harris playing a doctor other than the infamous Smith.

    The plot bears certain similarities to one of the stories in the classic British portmanteau horror film Dead of Night (1945), where in the course of a dream a hearse driver tells one of the characters, "Just room for one inside, sir". Perhaps the source material (Bennett Cerf's "Famous Ghost Stories") was the same. In any case, of the two, the TZ version is in my opinion considerably more effective in that it isn't played for laughs.

    I have to admit, though, that I don't find the night nurse (the one who emerges from the morgue) at all frightening. She's too damn sexy for that. :P But that clown doll that Miss Nichols is clutching - now, that's disturbing. Brr. Clowns...
  • This is by far the most frightening episode of the Twilight Zone.

    This is one my all time favorite Twilight Zone episodes. Twenty Two is without a doubt the Twilight Zone at it's very best. Guaranteed to give you chills.

    Liz Powell, portrayed by Barbara Nichols, is a professional dancer who is hospitalized due to exhaustion. Liz has a recurring nightmare about visiting the morgue, room 22, and seeing a mysterious woman dressed as a nurse who says in a sinister voice: "Room for one more, Honey."
    When Liz is finally checked out of the hospital just as she is about to board the only available flight, flight 22, the mysterious woman, this time dressed as a flight attendant, is waiting by the entrance and says in the same sinister voice: "Room for one more, Honey." Terrified, Liz runs back in to the airport screaming. And as soon as the plane takes off it explodes in the air.
  • SCARY!

    This episode used to scare me to death!!! I used to have dreams about that creepy nurse. "Room for one more, honey." This is truly a wonderful episode of The Twilight Zone. I've said it once and I'll say it again, Rod Serling was brilliant. He was an extraordinary writer. I loved this episode. And even though it scares me half to death, I still enjoy watching it on tv. It's one of the episodes that I could watch over and over again, and still not get tired of it. This is another fine example of why I watch The Twilight Zone.
  • Room for one more, honey

    Although the production value of this episode seems oddly bad, it was one of my first seen episodes and it haunts me to this day. I have trouble believing more people haven\'t written about it. I have kind of a litmus test with people when I have a feeling they have a good sense of humor; when someone is trying to get on a closing elevator, I stop the doors from closing and say, \"room for one more, honey\". It is great when they immediately know what I\'m talking about, sometimes we end up talking for a long time about TZ and other things. If they don\'t know what I\'m talking about, no big deal. Due to the actress\'s great portrayal of a neurotic, the entire episode is creepy from beginning to end. It touches on so many of our phobias, actually delicious in its fright. Unlike most episodes, her terror actually saves her instead of fortelling her own demise. As for me, seeing this episode, well, there\'s always room for one more, honey.