The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Sep 15, 1961 on CBS

Episode Recap

It's been five years since almost all of mankind has been wiped out. In a small town overgrown by jungle growth, a woman in a military uniform walks the streets. Going through the town, she spots a female mannequin wearing a dress and compares it to her own tattered uniform. She sees the employee entrance for a restaurant and goes inside to find food. She finds a single can of food but before she can open it, a man comes in, wearing a different military uniform. She attacks him but he manages to subdue her. Once she's unconscious, he takes the can of food and eats the chicken inside. He looks around and sees a pin-up calender of a girl, and consiers the unconscious soldier. He goes out into the street and sees the mannequin wearing its dress, as well as a magazine cover advertising fashion styles for women's combat gear. He goes back inside and tries to wake the woman up. He finds survival gear in her holster but no gun. He dumps a bucket of water on her and she cowers back. He offers her what's left of the food and insists there's no reason to fight, but she doesn't understand his language. Giving up, he leaves and she takes the food.

Outside, the man goes down the street into a barber shop and finds a razor. He shaves himself while the woman follows him in and considers what he's doing. He tosses her a bar of soap and she cleans herself up while he finishes shaving and tosses her a towel. When he walks out she backs nervously out onto the street but then follows him a few steps behind as he walks down the avenue to a theater. He spots a skeleton with a gun and picks it up as the woman goes for another skeleton's corpse. The two face off and then the man walks away. The woman follows him as he goes back to the store window with the mannequin. The woman looks at the dress and the man tosses it to her. He backs away and she goes inside a nearby recruiting office to put it on. She undresses, setting her knife and gun nearby. She sees posters for her enemy's side. Infuriated, she runs outside and shoots at the man, just missing. He considers her and then walks away.

The woman takes refuge in the barbershop when it begins to rain. The next day the man leaves a house where he's taken shelter and found two bottles of preserves. He puts on a suit and spots her hiding behind a truck. He tells her to go away because he's no longer a soldier, and she emerges to reveal she's wearing the dress. He gives her one of the bottles and starts walking down the streets. She follows him and finally approaches him and smiles. The two walk down the street... together.