The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Sep 15, 1961 on CBS

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  • Extremely bad

    This episode is terrible. I love how it opens up with the narration of how nobody has been in the abandoned town for 5 years but then here comes Samantha from "Bewitched." Then Charles Bronson shows up.......for no reason! Terrible plot, strange casts, boring ending.
  • no clever title

    Bronson displays a perfect coif, the kind of cut a person could NOT do for himself. Right out of a hair salon; yet he makes a big deal of shaving (argh) his face right would have been far more realistic if he had sported caveman hair, shaggy locks below his shoulders, or at least chopped-off strands that might have been hacked with a dull knife. As for Liz, she was lying on the ground seeming dead and a bucket of water renders her hale! Seriously, I was thinking "Water? Don't WASTE WATER" because in a dead world, water would be extremely precious; without it, there's no life. Yet he dumps it over her face and -- hoolah -- she magically revives and has vitality! I can't rate the ending because I switched to Hitchcock.
  • A strange little love story

    I enjoyed this episode. Initially, I pictured this episode to be similar to the pilot episode of the series "Where is everybody", since they both involve a person finding themselves in a strange deserted town. Since I found "Where is everybody" to be really suspenseful, this episode was a little slow at times, because nothing surprising really happened. However, the two actors in the main roles acted wonderfully in their roles, and I enjoyed their character development. Overall, this was a nice episode, and a good start to the series, but in my opinion, not one of the memorable ones.
  • Interesting study in how the last man and woman left might behave.

    I found this revealing about human nature. Though the world was a bombed-out wreck, she still threw her chicken bone in the trash. He flung garbage on the ground or knocked items over without a thought. An interesting analogy, as you could argue, what difference does it make now... or be equally valid in saying, why should I behave any differently now? The sort of fascinating questions the Twilight Zone so often generates.

    Elizabeth Montgomery is extraordinary beautiful and gives a truly riveting performance here; it's clear she possessed far more acting talent than perhaps she got a chance to display in her later career. Bronson is great as well. In fact, it's a testament to their skills that you hardly notice they are the only two actors in the entire piece.
  • The third season begins with the tale of a future world ravaged by war. In the ruins of a small city, two opposing soldiers, one male, one female, meet. They appear to be the last survivors of the long war. The male soldier wants to make peace, but

    The third season of this classic and timeless television series gets started on the right foot. No other show has been able to make a very entertaining and memorable episode with the barest of minimums (Few actors, little or no dialouge) as "The Twilight Zone." One of the delights of this series is seeing many well known actors at early points in their carrers before the roles that propelled them to stardom. Elizabeth Montgomery gives a very good performance here. Charles Bronson is quite good as well, but overdoes his dialouge a little. Regardless, this episode is worth your time.
  • Awwww, how sweet!

    The Twilight Zone wasn't always about scaring the daylights out of the viewers or clubbing them over the head with a heavy moral concept, sometimes it was really rawther sweet. I always liked this episode, it was cute. Two soldiers, survivors of a bitter, apocalyptic war, one female and one male decide to chuck the past and play house. What a sweet ending. Helped set the make love not war theme that characterized the rest of the decade that followed. It's always fun to see a couple of big stars in roles they played before they became big stars. The Twilight Zone helped launch a lot of careers.
  • Excellent Episode

    I really enjoy, you might say minimalist, movies and tv shows, in terms of actors and dialogue. This episode has very little dialogue, but both Bronson and Montgomery do an excellent job of showing emotion and thoughts and mindset without the use of dialogue. I was riveted primarily because the characters are very well developed and the immersion is great.