The Twilight Zone

Season 5 Episode 8

Uncle Simon

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 1963 on CBS

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  • too much

    All she needs is a pair of plyers to cut the robot's wires
  • She reaped what she sowed. Or did she?

    Barbara is a supposedly average-looking woman (but that's in the eye of the beholder) who craves her eccentric and abusive Uncle Simon's considerable assets. So much so that she endured 25 years of abuse from him as she slaved away for him, attending to his every need and spur-of-the-moment demand. When he falls down the stairs after attempting to strike her with his cane, she refuses to help him, and declares that she is through sowing, she will now reap her well-earned reward. Unfortunately for her, it's more complicated than that. She inherits everything, but with one stipulation: she must serve Uncle Simon's prized invention, a robot that inherited all of his abusive traits, the same way that she served Uncle Simon. His clueless lawyer will see to it that she complies. If she refuses, she's on the street.

    My own take is a little different from that of others. Is she greedy? Perhaps, but no more than most people. The difference is that she endured a quarter century of his cruel insults and put-downs to get what she wanted. She took care of him when no one else would. As I see it, she deserved to inherit everything, without any strings. And that ridiculous arrangement! She could have contested his will on the grounds that he was not of sound mind when he had it written. It wouldn't have held up in any court. Any court, that is, outside of the Twilight Zone.
  • Greed

    One of my top 3 favorites. This episode for me reflects the sacrifice one makes, the pain one endures, the distance one will go. Sometimes people just have to realize a bad investment and simply cut their losses. A hard lesson indeed.
  • Uncle Simon

    This episode isn't really worth watching. Uncle Simon has the same voice as Alfred Hitchcock which is the only good thing about it. I saw this one on a rerun recently and all over the bland memories came back to me.
  • Ironic with a Capital "I"

    Twilight Zone: Uncle Simon

    I dont know, I just like this one. The nasty remarks fired off add to this episodes brooding atmosphere. You know something is going to happen, you just dont know what. (If you havent seen it, stop reading now and come back to finish this review.) The house is just errie if you watch it in proper form, alone, lights out, and very late at night. You swear a haunting is about to happen, or maybe a zombie attack but then... SHLA-BAM! -A freaking robot! The idea that the robot "needs time to reach full capacity" is very unsettling. It just cant be good. When the robot turns his head and says "Hi Barbra" the WEIRD is in full swing!

    I love the irony: Barbra making her worst nightmare of life, 10x more horrific. The idea of caring for a cripple robot with a severe attitude problem in a mansion, or getting a regular job is hilarious and perhaps a fate worse than death! In the end, I think most people would pick the verbally abusive robot, just like Barbra did.