The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 5

Walking Distance

Aired Unknown Oct 30, 1959 on CBS

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  • You can never go home again.

    Whenever we leave home, we do it beause it's not our home anymore, everything we loved about it is now somewhere else and we have to go to it.

    This episode is another one I love because it really holds an emotionally weight to it and rings true to everyone of us that grew up and left home. It was also a partial inspiration to the underrated film "Disney's The Kid".

    We feel a sense of pathos for Martin as we see he is a man that is tired, weary, bored and unhappy with his career and life in general. He one day makes a stop at a town only to discover he's came back though time. From all his observations of his past things within him long dormant awaken within him, longtime joys he has experenced in a decade long gone.

    This episode is sort of about the common mid-life crisis dilema. We see that Martin according to his present life though not much about it is revealed, is a person that has not lived a forfilled life. Somewhere along the line he has betrayed and has forgoteen about the ideals and joys he has had as a child which has put him in the state he is in now. He is also a man in his mid thirties and is comming close to that point where he must make a choice whether he wants his life to continue the way it is now, or to make the changes needed in order to live the life he truly desires, go back to a home that has everything he loved as a child and can continue loving now.

    My favorate moment that almost put a tear in my eye would have to be the conversation with the father when the father discovers who the future Martin really is, and words that don't just ring true to Martin's soul but our own as well.

    We can never go home again because the past is gone, we can only go back home to a home of our own from the present, which holds everything we loved from the past and can live on forever in the future.