The Twilight Zone

Season 5 Episode 8

Uncle Simon


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Uncle Simon tries to strike Barbara with his cane. She grabs it and he falls down the stairs to his death. His will stipulates that she must care for his latest invention - a robot. The robot begins to take on Uncle Simon's traits. Barbara finally pushes it down the stairs, but that only gives it a limp identical to Uncle Simon's. She finally realizes that she will never be rid of Uncle Simon.moreless
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Jan 03, 2016
This was the last episode shown before Dallas, it was aired nov15,1963, one week later JFK was assassinated, the twilight zone was cancelled along with everything else on that shameful day in our nations history, if we could only go back and make it rain all day on that Friday,this country and may I say world would be a much better place,we may laugh again it was said later that day, but we will never be young again, ain't it true,ain't it true
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