The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 1

Where is Everybody?

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 1959 on CBS

Episode Recap

A man appears walking out of a road towards a cafe with loud music playing. When he steps in he notices that there is no one in the seats, the booths, or behind the counter. He decides to explore the cafe for anyone that may be there and he starts off with the back rooms. Still no one so he yells into the back for someone to provide service. No answer again. As he returns inside he sees that the stove is on with pancakes already made and a teapot already hot. He decides to grab a cup and makes some tea, but he accidentally knocks down a clock. The music stops, almost simultaneously. Still thinking that someone might be there he calls out for anyone working there to make hash browns and eggs, over-easy. Continuing to call out he establishes that he is an American and he is in a foreign country.
He doesn't know who he is exactly, but he thinks that this is all a dream. He leaves the cafe and turns the Open sign to Closed. He continues down the road to see if he can find anyone that might be able to help him.

He arrives in the main part of town, right as the church bell begins to ring. The town seems to be desolate and deprived of people. He checks all the stores on what seems like the main street of the town, but can't find a single person nor a single body. Finally he spots a car with a woman at the steering wheel. He explains to her that he can't remember anything about himself, not his name, identity, nothing. He opens the car door and she falls out, only to reveal that she is a mannequin. He mocks the fact the she is not real and talks to her, even pretends to hit on her. When he is finished he picks her up and places her back in the car and the camera shows the side of the car which reads "Resnick's Store Mannequins". He closes the door and walks into a building yelling for people, again no luck. He examines the empty city and has a look of despair. The man turns back towards the car to see if it has any keys in it, but none are there. Suddenly a phone inside the park right across the street begins to ring and he sprints to answer it. When he answers it, though, there is no one there. He frantically tries to reach the operator, but like the luck he has had earlier nothing, not even a ring tone.
Then he places a quarter in the phone booth and hears the operator. As he tries to talk to the operator he realizes that it's a recording. With no luck on the phone he hangs up. He sees the directory for the town called Oakwood. This man thinks about who might be watching the stores and begins to feel watched. He tries to leave the store but the door is lock. He yells at the people of the town thinking one of them did it, but he sees no one around the town. Finally he figures out that he was trying to open the door the wrong way. He then wanders, aimlessly, into the police station muttering something about the feeling he has about being watched. He tries to connect the police officers by calling them over their radios, but notices a, still smoking, cigar in the ashtray. This sets off his curiosity and he explores the rest of the station where he then walks into the jail cells. There he sees the water still running in one of the cells. All he then thinks about is waking up from this dream he thinks he's having. As he does this he notices the shadow of the jail door closing and he rushes out of the police station. A sign for Oakwood High School is shown as he runs frantically out of the police station, across the street.

He has gained some composure back when the church bell rings once again. The man turns and looks at the clock. Then he turns back to where he was heading, the drug store. The empty store didn't give him any good signs of finding someone. So he decides to get some ice cream when he sees a mirror. Not recognizing himself, he apologizes to the reflection saying that he can't remember his name. He considers himself a part of this nightmare he is in and blames everything happening on something he ate the night before. He paces around the store and spins the book racks around to see one called The Last Man on Earth. Not just one of this book, but an entire book rack on them. This causes him to leave the drug store immediately.

It's dark and the man is playing Tic-Tac-Toe with himself, in the dirt. Suddenly all the street lights turn on, without warning. This includes the movie theater light, which grab his attention. He decides to walk over to the theater and see if anything is happening there. There he sees a movie poster with an Air Force officer on it and remembers being a part of it. In a fit of excitement he runs through the empty theater yelling that he is in the Air Force. Suddenly he remembers no one is there. Now, out of nowhere the movie begins to play, even though nobody is there. In his panic of no one playing the movie he runs into a mirror. When he gets up he runs out of the theater and starts to run randomly causing him to run into a bike. As he lay on the ground he looks up to see a giant eye on a window for an optometrist. He gets up and runs to a sidewalk button and begins to press it and pleads for someone's help, still thinking someone is watching him. The man's voice can be heard still, but it shows a crowd of men in a dark room watching a television with the man on it and wires attached to his brain. The man continues to beg for help even though the same town surroundings don't appear there anymore. The men decide to release him from the experiment room as he continuously hits the clock. The soldiers remove the wires from him. The reporters ask why he was hitting the button at the end and the officer answered honestly, "Because he snapped". The man remembers that he is Mike Ferris and is asked why he snapped. He answered because there was no one there. He is carried off by some soldiers and reminded that the next time he is alone, it will be real and the trip to the Moon.